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Surplus Princess aka Idle Mermaid

Plot according to asianwiki Ha-Ni (Jo Bo-Ah) is a mermaid. For a man she is in love with, she becomes a human being and begins to live at the Ingyeo House. The house is for people who are preparing to land their first jobs. To permanently become a human being, Ha-Ni must make the man love her within 100 days.

What I liked about the drama
I would give this drama a 3.5/5 and a 7/10. This drama was cute and adorable but only had 10 episodes. I felt that it could have at least had 4 more episodes. The development of the characters was ok but I felt the supporting characters had more development than the four main leads. Though the prince aka the chef did have enormous growth I was upset he really didn't get the girl, though the end of this show kind left you with the feeling there qas suppose to beach a second season and if there is i would totally watch it because I have a feeling she would have ended up with the chef in that season lol. but this speculation is what really made me love this drama. It also taught you a lot about different types of love.
this moment from the show I knew he wasn't going to get the girl.
I was so happy when they became a couple
I wanted to be on her food show she had some food I wanted to try..

plus I wish she was my best friend

my favorite character
the kiss scene took place first episode and had some butt grabbing.

it made me laugh

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I will have to add this to my list to watch. It looks good.
it's a fun light hearted drama.
I really enjoyed this drama, they cut it short because of the low ratings which sucks. I think I would've loved it even more if I could've seen more development between the main leads. It was really rushed plus the ending was disappointing. I would love for a season 2 but I don't think that will happen. I think this topped Legend of the Blue Sea in my opinion. Honestly LOTBS fell flat for me after about half way. Plus there was something missing between Ji Hyun and Min Ho. But in this their was a great amount of chemistry, plus the kiss in episode 1 was amazing!
I saw this since it came out...loved it i wish they had a second season but the ending..i was so happy she was back!!