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Original card here!
So I wasn't originally going to do this cuz I've still got progress to make in Inuyasha and, you know, spoilers, but then I figured what the heck! I picked a few for each category, so here goes!

1. Funny Memes

2. Inuyasha in Battle

lol, I think that counts, but here's a more serious one for you!

3. Modern Day Inuyasha

4. Inuyasha eating Ramen

5. Kikyo

Just got to that episode^ It's really nice to see them getting along!

6. Kagome in Feudal Era Clothing

7. Myoga

I tried to find one where Inuyasha smacks him of his neck, then he kinda floats and reinflates, but this was the best I could do!

8. Jinenji

Also disappointed I couldn't find much for Jinenji... He deserves better!

9. Sesshomaru in Battle

haha, couldn't resist! But I got a serious one for you again!

10. Miroku Wind Tunnel

11. Sango

12. Inu no Taisho

So I don't think I've actually met Inu no Taisho (I assume there's flashbacks or something at some point...), but I thought you'd like these!

13. Smexy Inuyasha

14. Kohaku

Well, that's all I got! If you wanna participate, there's still time! Again here is the original card with all the info you may need! You have until 11:00 tonight! (Saturday, January 28)

Tagging the Shikon Jewel Squad!
thanks for playing
"...down, dog..." πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ It's been so long; I thought only Kagome could use that on him.
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@WillBryan no worries! I've been watching subbed, so I'm used to hearing her say "osuwari" but I totally get how Naruto's line looks like he did it! lol