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I've been thinking about this for a while now....so I've seen many Vinglers asking for song recommendations and I've been wanting to share some new and old artists that I think people should listen to soooo....Artist Suggestion Saturday was born!!! Now since that is out of the way...


May of you may know Punch for her OST Everytime with Chen for Descendants of the Sun or very recently Stay With Me with Chanyeol for Guardian: The Lonely and Great God...however I don't think the public have really noticed her...Personally she is one of my favorite singers...I don't remember not liking any of her songs...she has this beautiful airy voice but don't be fooled the girl can rap!

The One X Punch - Sick

Crush ft. Punch - Sleepless Night

This was the first song that I heard of Punch so it holds a special place in my heart...and the sad lyrics get me every time...

Chanyeol X Punch - Stay With Me


Punch - When My Lonliness Calls You

Thank you SM for featuring Punch on your SM STATION!!! I really hope people don't sleep on her and that she gets the recognition she deserves...
You can check out this list of songs by Punch!
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