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so as the title says I'm updating my taglists... many people have changed usernames or preferences on what they want to be tagged in so down below are my lists... so just comment if you want to be left on any or taken off any thanks...

it may take me a week to update all the lists so please be patient with me.
the current list i have is as follows:

the current V.I.P list I have:

The current list i use:
the current one I use
do not have a list currently for just fan fics I do have one for creative writing that I use
so this is for all the groups that I listen to that I don't particularly have a collection for so like super junior, exo, monsta x, Jay park, Infinite, f(x), ikon, and all other groups that I occasionally post on...
the current list i use:

Since I am the moderator I use the list i created for the community so if you want me to tag you please join the community or join or list by going here---->
current list i use:
Creative writings
so for winner since I am a mod support I use our mod list.... if you want me to tag you join our list here--->
Again since I am a mod support for this group I use the official taglist so 8f you want to be added to that list comment down below

current list:
All, please ^-^
So, GOT7, BigBang, BTS, VIXX and Kpop taglists. Please. Yep.
Please tag me in everything. Some of the lists my name just needs an update, I was @EliseB😊
ok will fix and do
I would like to be tagged in everything
will do
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