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Having worked together before in 2009, Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho revealed that they are good friends. On October 7 at the press conference for SBS’ The Heirs, the hero and heroine of the drama, Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye shared that they first met in 2009. “We were models for a cosmetics company in 2009,” said Park Shin Hye. “Whenever we were about to get close, the shoot would finish and then we would just become awkward with each other again.”But she added, “His personality is great. Whenever we meet, we always fool around, making it comfortable and easy for the shooting to continue.” She then smiled and said, “But whenever I see him, I always tease him by saying he’s a cho-ding (elementary school student). He has manners like a gentleman, but he’s also a cho-ding. Lee Min Ho also talked about Park Shin Hye, saying, “Whenever I see her, I want to buy her something. I think she fits her character.”He shared that because they’re always teasing each other off set, their friendship naturally melts into the drama.The Heirs will kick off on October 9. Photo Credit: SBS Credit link:
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