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Summary: a girl who believes love is nothing but a notion for the weak and a boy who thinks that love is all physical.
A/N: Okay so I hate the new vingle update and I'm still trying to adjust to everything about it but here is the newest chapter of my latest fanfic hope you guys enjoy this chapter ♥
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A week has passed since the incident. Jimin decided to stay with Nayeon. Youngjae had moved on and found someone new.Her name was Jihyo but you didn't really remember. She's sweet and honestly you don't think Youngjae deserves her at all but you kept your promise to Jimin. You stayed out of their problems. He had hung out with you less and less. You were almost positive it had something to do with your current feelings about Nayeon.

But you didn't have time to think about all this drama. The exhibit was tomorrow and you had to get your portfolio together. You looked through the printed pictures. After an hour or so you decided on the photos of your grandmother, Seokjin, and the angel holding the pink flower. As you were preparing your other projects in your dorm you didn't notice that Jimin had stepped in. "Woah who's this?" You turned around to see Jimin holding the photo of Seokjin as Nayeon stood next to him. "Someone I met while I was at Grammy's." Nayeon studied the picture. You hated seeing her but you sometimes did want to see her. You guys were bestfriends after all.

"This looks alot like Jin. Doesn't it Jimin?" Jimin studied the picture some more,"Oh. You're right! It is Jin!" You rolled your eyes taking the picture from them,"How is that possible he doesn't live in Seoul."

Jimin shook his head,"Nope this is definitely the acting coach in the acting department Mr. Kim. You probably have never met him because well he's in the performing arts department." You slowly nodded,"Maybe I'll go see him then.." You smiled.

"You didn't possibly fall for him did you?" You looked at Jimin,"And if I did?" You asked cocking an eyebrow.

"He's a flirt." You laughed,"Okay and so are you..." He then shook his head,"No Y/N he has a reputation with girls and it's not good. Who knew you'd fall victim as your best friend I forbid it," You shook your head,"Then our Jin's might not be the same. The Seokjin I met was dorky, kind, flirty, and kind of silly. Doesn't really come off as a play boy other than his face that is. And if we're talking disapproval and dating I think you know my stand on this relationship." Waving your finger at Nayeon and Jimin. Jimin just shrugged his shoulders, "Whatever you say. Don't say I didn't warn you though. And like I said before its my relationship not yours."

You rolled your eyes as you looked at the photo and placed it on the table noticing Nayeon glaring at you because of the remark you just made,"Why're you guys here anyways?"

"We need to borrow your camera." Jimin said with a smile and you scoffed rolling your eyes before looking at Jimin."Ha Ha very funny." You then gave Jimin a stern look after realizing he was more than serious,"Jimin. No." He then begged you with his puppy eyes,"Pleease I'll be very careful with it!" You formed an 'x' with your hands,"N. O. No You know how I feel about my camera and you know I won't even let anyone touch it. Sorry." He then sighed,"Ugh why're you being so complicated it's just a camera. I'm not even asking for the good one." You scoffed,"To you. But this camera holds meaning to me."

You grabbed the old camera that was sitting on the table close to you. Your grandfather had given it to you as a gift when you entered high school. It was a year before he passed away. It was thanks to this gift you realized that photography was something you wanted to do forever. For as long as you live.

"Pleeeease." You then handed him the new camera you had just bought,"Use this one but DON'T break it or I will break you." He looked up at you confused,"Alright thanks. Babe let's go." He then grabbed Nayeon's hand and they left for who knows where. You then grabbed the old camera and placed it in your long line of cameras on your shelf as you continued preparing for tomorrow's exhibit.

It was finally the day of the exhibit. You had set up your photos with the main attractions being the photos of your grandmother and the Angel. You had decided to not use the photos of Seokjin since everyone will begin to ask you who the man in the picture was. And you wanted to respect Seokjin's privacy matters. "These are great Y/N." You turned around to see Jeon Jungkook a club member.

You immediately smiled and sarcastically said,"Thank you JK it's an honor hearing that coming from you." He scoffed,"I'm serious Y/N this is great the best part of the exhibit aside from mine of course." You rolled your eyes," Okay okay your the shutter genius Jungkook." He laughed at your remark. "Want to get some coffee? You know before the exhibit starts." You shook your head,"Exhibit starts in 30 minutes there is too much for me to set up. Sorry..."

You saw him scratch the back of his head as he waved goodbye, "Okay. See you later then."

You smiled as you waved back.

The exhibit was finally open to the public and I watched as most of Jungkook's fangirls came rushing in straight to his exhibit. You rolled your eyes as they praised Jungkook, who was feeling awkward from the energetic outbursts of the fan. When he looked your way you laughed his eyes were practically asking for you to help him but you decided to leave him to his own accord.

"Woah...this is really beautiful." You turned around and to your surprise there he was Kim Seokjin with a girl you were sure you've seen somewhere before. Suzy was her name. She was one of the best actors in the school. Very pretty too. All the boys would fall at her feet if she ordered them to. You then bowed to her since she was a senior to you in college. "Yes these photos were from a trip I took to my grandmother's neighborhood."

"Oh really?" Suzy said with her eyes widening.

"It's really well captured." She then looked at you from head to toe her hazel brown eyes focusing on you. But your gaze would shift to Seokjin who was carefully observing your pictures as if though this was the first time he had seen them.

"Would you like to be the photographer for my photoshoot?" You shifted your attention back to the senior,"I'm sorry?" She then grabbed your hands,"Please! I want only the best to take my pictures and you, are the best I've seen." You gave her an awkward laugh,"I'm sorry but I only take photos of what I feel like taking a photo of. I'm not aiming to be a photoshoot photographer. I want to be a free with my art." She then pouted as she held Seokjin's hands making your heart sting a little."If that's how you feel. Babe say something." He then sighed,

"Honestly her pictures aren't even that great just ask that one to do it." He then pointed at Jungkook's direction. You scoffed at his remark of your pictures and glared at his direction. He definitely had Seokjin's face but his personality was definitely that of someone else.

Before  you can open your mouth retaliating at his insult Jimin interrupted coming from behind them,"Nayeon she's over here!" You glared at Jimin,"What?!" He gave you his eye smile,"Nothing I just wanted to see the photos you chose for the exhibit." He then looked up at the photos, "Wait where is the one with that Seokjin guy? Since Mr. Kim is here  I wanted to ask if it was him." You scoffed, "It's definitely NOT him." Jin then cleared his throat. "And if it was me?" You shook your head,"I won't believe it. Besides why would Seokjin kiss me if he's dating Suzy?" Jimin's eyes narrowed,"He kissed you?" You nodded.

"Jin what is she talking about?" Suzy said giving you a glare.

"It was method acting. She happened to be there so I practiced my role as the sweet next door kind of guy and she fell for it." Your face distorted in confusion causing  wrinkles in between your eyes to become visible, "What?" He then scoffed looking arrogantly to the side before he gave you a cold stern look ,"Get with the program I am Kim Seokjin." Your heart sank at the thought that you were fooled for even a second but you didn't try to make it obvious. "Well it's great we cleared this up then. If you want to discuss your photoshoot matters with Jungkook. I'll gladly call him over." You left them as you headed towards Jungkook still stunned by the sudden confession.


"Huh? Oh uhm. Suzy wants to talk to you about being a photographer for a photoshoot."

His eyes glowed up. That kind of reaction towards Suzy was normal. Of course Jin didn't actually like you. You laughed to yourself. It turns out it runs in the family. Your brother was a cheater and you were pitiful just like your mother. You bit the inside of your lip so hard you can taste the metal like taste of blood. But this helped prevent you from crying.

You and Jungkook went back to Suzy and Jin only then realizing that Jungkook had held your hands because you were falling behind from all the thinking. "Alright well this is Jeon Jungkook second best--"

"What are you talking about I am the best." You scoffed,"Heh... yeah ri--" Your phone started to ring. You looked at it and smiled suddenly all of your sadness dissipating in thin air as you went and immediately answered the phone letting go of Jungkook, "'Yeah! Grammy! Why'd you call?"

"Y/N...it's mom...Grammy she's...she's gone...she colla...." Her voice slowly started to fade out all you can hear was a ringing in your ear. Your knees had gone weak and you fell down your sight suddenly blurring. "Grammy...she...I..I have to..." You shook your head and got up grabbing your bag and headed towards the door. "Y/N!" You didn't know who the voice had belonged to but you kept walking but someone had grabbed your wrist pulling you in for an embrace.

"It's okay...big brother is here okay..." You looked up at Youngjae and started crying. "Shhh..." You were going dizzy from the tears.  It was easier for you to breathe now but you tried to calm yourself just as your brother instructed but just as you were about to relax the sudden thought of Seokjin being fake and your grandmother's death would suddenly make it harder to breathe again. "Just relax okay...? Shhh..." You closed your eyes as the tears started to flow out.

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