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Hello fellow Vinglers! Here is the next chapter for my oneshot series 'Married to J-Hope' enjoy!!
Smut Fluff For mature readers only Freaky kinky Nasty scenes Graphic fan fiction Scroll down at your own risk
Chapter 6 She opened it for Chloe as well as Madison and Natalie. All three of them began to study with her until she had nothing left to finish as far as her classes go. "So, tell me about last night!" Madison said to Hannah. "Yeah Hannah! Tell us!" Natalie told Hannah as well. "Well, okay, J-Hope banged on my door, I opened it to see if it wasn't him, but it was him, so I tried to close the door but he blocked it with his foot and he squeezed me and led me to my bed, he started to strip me, but I broke away and I went to the drugstore to buy condoms, then I came back, took a condom out of the box, and as I was doing that, my back began to split so I got up, pulled my pants up, and got the condom out again but my back split again, and he saw that, so he yanked my pants down and he licked me." Hannah told the girls. "Eww! He's such a pervert!" Natalie commented. "I know, so he picked me up, carrying me over his shoulder, and he laid me down on the bed and he continued to lick me everywhere while slipping his fingers up my shirt and I unhooked my bra and threw it on the side of the bed and he lifted my shirt off as well as his, once he was done licking me, he kissed me and I pushed his pants off with my feet." Hannah continued. "Woah! Hannah, you're so naughty!" Madison teased. "Did he like it?" Chloe asked. "Oh he loved it!" Hannah replied. "OOO! Keep going!" Natalie told Hannah. "I kept pushing his pants down, exposing his butt, then he pushed his pants and boxers off exposing his dick and he continued to kiss me, but I stopped him so I could find the condom, and once I found it, I gave it to him and he slipped it on and he continued to kiss me." Hannah continued. "OOO! Nasty!" Madison commented. "He's so naughty!" Natalie commented. "He then began to rock his pelvic bone on me until he shoved his dick up my hole which made me moan out of pleasure. I flipped him over and banged my pelvis on his crotch and I kissed his neck until he flipped me over and kissed my neck. I rubbed his back with my hands, lightly scratching it and I flipped him again which made his dick pop out of my hole and I kissed his face, neck, chest muscles, stomach muscles, v-line, and then I sucked his dick, gnawing it and licking it all over until there was saliva and teeth marks all over. I then poked my tongue up between his black cherries, massaging all of his insides with my tongue and then massaged him with my tongue, licked his black cherries, poking both of them until they slowed down and they were sore, so I licked him all over his crotch, massaging him everywhere with my tongue until my tongue got tired." Hannah continued to describe. "Oh my gosh! I can't even imagine doing that!" Chloe commented. "You are so horny! I can't believe you did that with him!" Madison commented. "Go on!" Natalie chanted. "After that I got really tired. J-Hope wasn't tired yet. He squeezed my boobs, licked them and twirled his tongue around them until he was tired. Once he was done with me, I kissed him and placed my arms around his neck and hooked my legs on his back, and he did the same thing, kissing me until we were both out of breath." Hannah said to the other girls. "Is that it?" Madison asked. "Yep!" Hannah replied. "Wow, that was sexy! I can't believe he deduced you like that." Chloe commented. "Hey, I initiated it!" Hannah retorted. "Yeah, by making me go to Madison and Natalie's room." Chloe said. "Well, I didn't want you to be scarred!" Hannah said. "You did a good job of doing that." Natalie assured Hannah. "Thanks Natalie." Hannah said to her. The girls put their books away and went to dinner. Once they got to the restaurant, they saw BTS again. This time, all 7 members were there and J-Hope had roses with him. "Hannah, may I take you out tonight?" J-Hope asked her. "Yes, yes you may!" She took his hand and they walked to an Italian restaurant. Once they got there, he opened the door for her. "For you my lady." He said to her. She walked in the restaurant blushing. "Welcome! Where would you like to sit?" The waiter asked. "We'd like to sit in the patio please." J-Hope replied. "Right this way folks!" The waiter said as he escorted them to a table for two in the patio. He pulled out a chair for her and they both sat down. "Any drinks for the both of you?" The waiter asked. "We'll both have red wine." J-Hope responded. "Umm, I can't drink, I'm too young. Can I just have water?" Hannah responded. "Absolutely!" The waiter responded. He left to get the drinks for the couple. "How old are you anyways?" J-Hope asked. "I'm 20" Hannah responded. So, why did you come to my room last night?" Hannah asked. "I wanted to see you!" He responded. "Why did you want to make love to me? That was really uncalled for!" Hannah asked again. "Because I had to make you mine, and I thought that was the only way I could show you my love." J-Hope responded. "You could have done something different, like, treat me to some chocolate, or yogurt, of ice cream. Why would you treat me to your member?" Hannah asked. "I don't know, I was tipsy, I wasn't myself, and I just couldn't control myself so I just, seduced you, you know?" J-Hope responded. "Well, don't do that again, talk to your members about that kind of act before doing it to me, because I wasn't prepared for that at all." Hannah responded. "You're right. I couldn't stop thinking about it. You just, amazed me, when I first saw you, I thought, wow! She's such a good dancer, I had to meet her." J-Hope responded. Hannah blushed. "Your drinks." The waiter said as he set the drinks down. "Thanks." Hannah said to the waiter. "How old are you?" Hannah asked. "I'm 22." J-Hope responded. "You know, I can't believe you saw me dance to 'I Need U' because, I was just exercising." Hannah said. "How could I not notice!" J-Hope responded. They both chucked to themselves as they look at the menu. Meanwhile, the other members were busy flirting with the girls like crazy. "I hear you guys are about to release a new album. Is that true?" Madison asked. "Yes, it is true, we are releasing a new album very soon." Namjoon responded. "We're working very hard on it." Jin added. "Were so excited about it!" Jungkook added. "Wow, that's such great news!" Madison replied. "Yeah, I can't wait until it comes out!" Natalie added. "Monster, table for nine, your table is ready!" A waiter called out. "That's us!" Namjoon said. "Ugh! Finally! I was getting tired here!" Yoongi said. "Yoongi, you're always tired!" Taehyung retorted. "Easy guys." Jin warned them. They went to the private dining room that their managers reserved for them. They noticed a short and long table in the room with chairs and cushions with their names on them. They sat at their table according to where their names were and the guys were very pleased with the seating arrangements. The guys were talking to eachother and to the girls as they were telling eachother stories of their lives and their most embarrassing moments until the managers walked in and sat dow at the table to tell the guys what they were about to do. "Alright guys, get up and stand behind me, I'm about to tell you what's gonna go down in here. Ok, there are three girls sitting at the table, each with two empty spots on both sides of them. You boys will play various games and the girls will be the judges of each and every game. The games that will be played are in this jar. When I pull a game out, you will play it. Does everyone understand?" The manager explained. "Ne~" the guys answer in response. "Alright boys, who will draw the first game?" Chloe asked. "We will decide that with 가위바위보." Namjoon replied. The guys played until there were only two members remaining. Namjoon and Jimin. "Who will win this time 가위바위보!" Namjoon declared as he threw out paper. Jimin threw out scissors. "Ahh dangit!" Namjoon reacted to his loss. "Yay!!!!!!! I win!" Jimin cheered. "Alright Jimin, here's the jar! Time to draw a game!" Chloe said as she handed the jar to Jimin. "Ne~" Jimin replied as he drew out a game. "Talking with your body." Jimin read on the strip of paper. "OOO! Sounds sexy!" Madison said. "Yeah, I'm wondering if they'll strip!" Natalie added. "No, they're not gonna do that." Chloe reassured. Madison and Natalie were looking at eachother with smirks. The boys couldn't help but chuckle to themselves. The managers handed the girls six sketchbooks as they wrote down categories for each member. "Ok, we will write out the categories and you will choose one of the six categories as yours. The managers will hold your categories as you try to act them out. The members will guess what you are acting out and if they are right, you will receive a point and whoever guessed it correctly, will go next, however, you cannot go twice. If you guess it again, you have to choose someone who did not go. Got it?" Chloe said as Madison and Natalie wrote out categories. "Ne~" the guys responded. Once the girls were done with writing down the categories, they held them like a deck of cards, three in Madison's hand, and three in Natalie's hand. Madison had Jimin's, Namjoon's, and Jungkook's categories which were animals (지민), songs (남준), and emotions (정국). Natalie had Yoongi's, Jin's, and Taehyung's categories which were occupations (윤기), movies (진), and sports. The members picked the sketchbooks with their names on it and gave it to their manager after he signaled them to do so. "Since Jimin got to choose the game, he will go first." Chloe stated. "Alright! I'll make you proud honey!" Jimin said to Chloe. She did a finger heart to him and smiled which made him determined to win. The manager had his category ready as he was ready. "You will have 35 seconds to act out your given noun." Chloe said. "Go!" Madison yelled as she started the timer. The manager showed Jimin the first noun. Jimin acted it out. The girls were giggling at him being silly. The members guessed what he was acting out until Namjoon guessed correctly. "Lion!" He shouted out. Jimin pointed at him and gave him a thumbs up. Namjoon got up and Madison stopped the timer after five seconds. The manager got his sketchbook ready as Namjoon was standing infront of the table ready to act out his noun. "Go!" Madison yelled. The manager showed him a song and he danced to it. The other members were not getting it right so they passed him. He danced to a different song, but the members still didn't get it, he danced to another song and Jin guessed it correctly. "불타오르네!" He shouted. Namjoon pointed at him and danced towards him which made Jin get and dance. Madison stopped the timer after twenty seconds. Jin stood infront of the table and waited for his turn at the game. "Go!" Madison yelled again. The manager showed him his first noun and he attempted to act it out. The members were unsure of what he was doing, so they told him pass. The manager showed him the next noun and he was still not sure how to act it out, but at least he tried. The members couldn't guess correctly so they passed him onto the next noun. Jin kept passing all of his movies until he ran out time. "Time!" Madison yelled. "Talag!" Natalie said to Jin. "Aigoh!" He said out of defeat. He sat back down with the others. "Alright, we have to pick a member ourselves to continue the game." Chloe said as she drew out a member at random. The other girls were watching as she continued to mix the members in the jar. She pulled out a member and showed the other girls. "Jungkook!" Madison said in excitement. Jungkook got up and stood infront of the table anticipating his category. "Go!" Madison yelled. The manager showed him his emotion and he acted to it. "행복!" Taehyung shouted. Madison stopped the timer at 3 seconds. Jungkook pointed at him and gave him thumbs up. Taehyung stood up and walked over to the table. The other members sat behind him as they were done playing. Yoongi sat by the managers and watched him. "Go!" Madison yelled as she started the timer one last time. The manager showed him his first act and he moved to it. Yoongi couldn't guess correctly so he passed him. It continued like this until he ran out of time. "Time!" Madison yelled. "Ahh!" Taehyung let out a sigh of exhaustion as he fell to the floor. Yoongi got up and helped him up and they sat with the other members. "Alright, so the winner of this game is, Jungkook!" Chloe announced. Jungkook got up and jumped for joy. "Alright Jungkook, who would you like to sit next to?" Chloe asked. "Natalie." He responded. "Good choice oppa!" Natalie replied. "Thanks!" He responded. "You're welcome!" She replied. Jungkook sat down next to Natalie. They both blushed as the hyungs were jealous. Jungkook placed his arm on her neck and she leaned on him. The hyungs were surprised at his move as they were reacting to it like teenage girls. Chloe and Madison blushed at their reaction. "Alright, Jungkook will be our fourth judge as we move on to the next game." Madison said. "Jungkook, you may draw the next game." Madison said. "Thank you sweetie!" Jungkook replied. "Whoah" everyone in the room went as Jungkook pulled out the next game. "Blind hide n seek." He read. "Ohh!" The boys went. "Alright, the guys will play 가위바위보 and whoever looses, has to wear a blindfold and walk around to room to find the other members by touching them with any part of your body. You can stand or sit wherever you want as long as you stay in this room only. You can only move within your spot if the blind player walks towards you. Are we all clear?" Chloe explains and asks the guys. "Ne~" the guys answered in response. "Good. You may decide who is going to be the seeker." Chloe said. The guys begin to play 가위바위보 until there are only two players left. Meanwhile, back at the Italian restaurant, Hannah was blushing at J-Hope as he admired looking at her as they were both drinking. "I love watching you dance everyday." J-Hope told Hannah. "Well, thanks, you snoop!" Hannah replied sarcastically. "Hey come on! I can't help but not watch you!" J-Hope said. "Oh, Hoseok! You're funny!" Hannah said. "I know, but thanks!" He said. The waiter came up to their table. "Are you two ready to order?" He asked. "Yes, we'll both order spaghetti." J-Hope replied. "I'll order salad and breadsticks!" Hannah responded. She and him both gave the menus to the waiter. "Alright! Let me know if you need refills!" The waiter said. "Alright thank you sir!" Hannah responded. The waiter went to put the menus away. Hannah could not help but stare at J-Hope the whole time that they were waiting on their food. Back with the other girls, two guys were left as they determine who is going to wear the blindfold. Suga and V were staring at eachother as they battle it out at 가위바위보. “Who will win this time 가위바위보!” Suga declared as he threw out paper. V threw out scissors. V was jumping for joy, but Suga melted to the floor. “Well then, it looks like Suga is going to be wearing the blindfold!” Madison declared. “Suga! We got your blindfold!” Madison said as she pulled out her sleep mask from her purse. Suga blushed and grabbed the mask as he put it on his head. “Alright guys, get to your hiding spots!” Chloe said to the guys as they went to their hiding spots. "Suga, walk forward." Commanded Chloe. Suga took a few steps forward, moving his arms around since his vision has been taken away from him. V starts to move within his spot so he doesn't get touched by Suga. The girls and the other guys silently laugh to themselves as V avoids Suga's every move to touch him and get him out. "Oh dang it! Who else is there!" Suga pouts as he continues to walk forward. "Suga, turn right." Chloe commanded. Suga turned right to avoid hitting the managers. "Suga, turn left." Chloe commanded him again. He turned left and headed straight towards Jin. Jin backed into the wall to move away from Suga but Suga touched him and he was out. Jin sat infront of the girls and he watched the game go by. Suga moved his arms infront of him to see if he was close to the wall. He kept walking forward until he touched the wall. He then looked for the corner of the room on the right and he turned left and walked towards Jimin. Jimin blushed and covered his face with his hands, shaking his head and moving himself away from Suga, but he touched him before he could get any farther away from him so he was out and he sat next to Jin and watched the game go by. Suga kept walking towards the girls one step at a time. When he got too close to the table, he was told to stop. "Stop!" Chloe said to him. Suga stopped infront of Madison and stood still. "Walk right." Chloe commanded. Suga turned right and walked toward Namjoon. Namjoon bent down in order to not be out. Luckily, Suga turned around and walked towards V. V moved himself within his spot to avoid getting out by Suga. The girls and the other guys chucked to themselves silently as V was desperately trying to stay in the game. Suga walked away from V and towards Namjoon. "Suga stop." Chloe commanded. Suga stopped walking. "Bend down" she said again. Suga bent down. "Lay on your stomach." Madison said. Suga got down on his stomach. "Extend your arms out infront of you." Madison commanded again. Suga extended his arms infront of him and he touched Namjoon's legs as he was now out. "Yay!!!!!!!!!" V cheered as he got up and jumped for joy. "Suga you can take off the blindfold now." Chloe told him as he threw it off toward the girls. "Alright Tae, who would you like to sit next to?" Chloe asked. "You!" He said immediately. "Oh! Okay!" She responded blushing to herself and laughing hysterically. She shook her hand telling V to sit next to her. V went to sit next to Chloe with all smiles. "Alright! Time for the next game!" Madison announced. "V, you have the honors of pulling out the next game!" Natalie told V. "Sweet!" V replied. V reached his hand in the jar as he pulled out the next game. Meanwhile, back at the Italian restaurant, Hannah and J-Hope were talking to eachother until the waiter went to their table with their food. "Here is your dinner!" The waiter said. "Thank you!" Hannah said. "Let me know if any of you need a refill." The waiter said. "Okay we will." J-Hope replied. The waiter went back to the kitchen as Hannah and J-Hope begin to eat their spaghetti. Hannah took her first bite as she twisted her fork in the noodles until they were all around the fork and she pulled the noodles off the fork into her mouth as J-Hope did the same. They both ate the noodles on the table until they both placed their fork in the noodles at the same time. They stared at eachother for a few seconds as they twisted the noodles onto their fork at a rapid pace. They both felt a tug on their forks as they picked their forks up and pulled the noodles off the forks into their mouths. They sucked up the remaining parts of their noodles until they both saw that they were sucking up the same noodle. They stared at eachother again for a minute and quickly sucked up the noodle into their mouths which made them stand up with their hands on the table as they leaned in towards eachother until their lips touched. They kissed over the spaghetti until they could barely breathe. They both fell back onto their chairs as they caught their breaths. Hannah took a breadstick and some butter as she spread the butter on the bread and took a bite of it. As Hannah was eating her breadsticks, she noticed that J-Hope was staring at her. She was eating her last breadstick and she stared back at him. "Do you want some? I'll order you a basket and we can share the salad. Sound good?" Hannah told him. He nodded in response as she ate her last breadstick and they both waited for the server to return as they sat there at the table doing nothing. "How are we doing here? Can I get you two any refills?" The waiter asked. "I want to order him a basket of breadsticks with butter please." Hannah replied. "I want a refill of my red wine please." J-Hope added. "Alright I'll be back shortly." The waiter said. "Also can we get bowls for the salad?" Hannah asked. "Absolutely!" The waiter replied as he went back to grab the red wine for J-Hope. He came back and poured hobi his red wine. "Thank you." He told him. "Anytime sir." The waiter said. He went back to grab the salad bowls and he brought them to their table. "Thank you sir." Hannah told him. He nodded in response. Hannah got up and grabbed the choppers, but Hoseok grabbed her wrists and said he will serve the salad. "It's okay Hannah I got this." He told and reassured her as she let go and she let him serve the salad. They both enjoyed the salad as they continued to serve eachother until the salad was gone. Then they went back to the spaghetti and finished it up. As they were eating the noodles, they both ended up with the same noodle, so they stared at eachother and sucked up the noodle very quickly and shared yet another noodle kiss. As soon as they finished the noodles, Hannah ate the breadsticks and J-Hope stared at her as he too ate the breadsticks as he stared at her as if he wanted her yet again. “What?” Hannah said. He moved his eyes and widened them as he gave her a smirk smile which then grew big as his eyebrows furrowed and he chuckled to himself until his head fell on the table as he was losing his mind at the thought of her from that night they had together. “Oh, I know what you want.” she said. He nodded at her as if they were reading each other’s mind. “Alright Hoseok, let’s finish these breadsticks and then we can go, okay?” Hannah told him. He threw his head back and sighed. “Alright, sounds like a deal.” Hoseok replied. Hannah grabbed a breadstick as she took some butter and her knife as she spread the butter all over the bread until it all dissolved in the bread. She made quick eye contact with hobi as she sucked on the breadstick as she moved it in and out which made Hobi loose his breath as he threw his head back as he could not stop thinking that night and about how excited he was about what was about to go down back at the hotel. J-Hope helped her finish the breadsticks as they ate them until there was no more left and the butter was gone too. Hannah and J-Hope wait for the waiter to bring them their check. “Here is the check.” the waiter said as he gave Hoseok the check as he got out his company card and placed it in the pocket of the checkbook and signed it and tipped the waiter on the receipt. He waited patiently for the waiter to process the bill until the card was returned to him. Once Hoseok got his card back, he put it back in his wallet and he got up and left with Hannah. Hoseok called his manager to pick them up in his car and they went back to the hotel, hand in hand until they reached Hannah’s room as she got out her room key and opened the door. Once they were both in the room, they both dropped everything as J-Hope leaned her against the door as he hung up the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the outside of the door and locked it. He then stared at Hannah as he kissed her lips and held her close by the waist as she placed her arms on his neck and she jumped on his torso as he found his way to the bed and laid her down. He kissed her lips, then her neck, as he slipped her dress off her shoulders and out of her arms as she was not wearing a bra underneath as he sucked on her boobs and licked them both as he continued on down to her belly button to lick and suck it on down until he stopped at her panty line as he teased her by pulling on her thong on the sides on her hips as she let out a soft moan which made him pull her thong off rapidly as he charged his mouth into her buns without hesitation as he licked them inside and out, sucking up all her juices and he shoved his tongue into her hole which made her scream very loudly as he licked her insides until she was all dry and then he massaged her womb with his tongue which made her sigh out of satisfaction as she enjoyed his tongue pressing hard on her as she stroked his hair which made him continue to massage her until his tongue was growing numb. He then moved back up on the bed as he crashed his lips onto hers as they were making out in the dark and she slipped her hands under his shirt as he unbuttoned each and everyone of his buttons on his shirt, even pulling it out of his pants until he got up, threw it off, and continued to kiss her as she placed her hands on his back, pressing him down on her so she could feel his chest muscles and he undid his pants and belt as he pushed them off and she pushed them off too with her feet as well as she pushed off his boxer briefs with her feet until they both fell on the floor and he rubbed his man pole on her buns as it began to harden until she got up and pulled out a condom and placed it below her belly button. He took it and slipped it on carefully as he continued to rub it against her until he rose and she pulled him closer by the pelvic bone as he was now rock hard. Once he was close enough, she sucked on his rock hard man pole so hard, he threw his head back and inhaled dramatically out of pleasure as she continued to suck on it, lick it, and kink it like a glowing bracelet, bending it in all directions possible, making him moan and groan like crazy like he wanted her so badly, he would do anything to seduce her like this. As her mouth was clogged by his man pole, now numb and throbbing with satisfaction, she got up and threw him on the bed as she pounced on his pelvis with force; so much force he gasped out of shock because of so much force she had on him, she moved her hips ever so rapidly like a clothing washer or dryer and she kissed his neck very lightly all over him until she sank her lips into his mouth as she sucked his teeth with his lips over her mouth as she was going real hard on him until finally, he shoved his man pole up her hole as she exhaled his breath out loud as he felt his boner, which was extremely rock hard as she continued to rock her pelvic bone on top of him at an extremely fast pace, the both of them were sweating bullets as he kissed her neck under her chin as her head was high as she looked up with her eyes at the ceiling with her head all the way back as she saw god as she imagined herself in a jetted bath tub on top of the clouds as she felt like she was massaging her buns with one of the jets in the tub as she felt like she was on the ninth cloud with her eyes shut as she could see nothing but darkness as she was riding Hobi like a runaway horse on his man pole; or what he likes to call it, the J-Horse. (I read this somewhere on a card but I’m sure a fan called it that and not actually Hoseok btw!) She kept moving very fast on him with her eyes closed until she reached a high, which made him reach a high as his head fell down on the pillows that were on the bed. They were up on their high for up to five seconds until they fainted, which made her fall on top of him and off to the side of him on the bed as they were out for about thirty seconds as they held their breaths until they inhaled desperately for air and exhaled like crazy as if they had been on a bumpy water coaster that had no path as they breathed heavily, in and and out, until they laughed silently at themselves as they buried their faces into each other’s chest because they were laughing so hard, they could barely breath, but their breathing got under control as they were calming themselves down. They both looked at eachother with such big grins on their faces. “Ugh! That was so much fun!” Hannah said. “I know right!” J-Hope added. “Yeah, I love you hobi!” Hannah said. “I love you too Hannah!” J-Hope replied. They both shared a sweet kiss as they both got up and Hannah grabbed her nightgown and a robe for Hoseok. “Here, Hoseok, stay here tonight. I want to keep an eye on you since you drank red wine at the restaurant.” Hannah said. J-Hope grabbed the robe and put it on as he went to the bathroom and removed the condom. He threw it away as he needed to let some of that red wine out of his body system. He got out of the bathroom as he laid down next to Hannah as she was sleeping under the covers with her nightgown and normal panties on as he took off the robe and hanged it in the closet with her clothes as he got under the covers with her as he was completely naked and he moved closer to Hannah as he kissed her neck under her cheek and slowly drifted into a deep sleep with her. “Good night honey, i love you so much!” he said in his sleep with sincere feelings in his heart. “Good night baby hobi” she said in her sleep. As the night grew on, the couple was deep in their sleep. Well, that was long! It sure took a long time! Well, I hope you all enjoyed it because i sure enjoyed every second writing it! If you want me to write a oneshot for you, please comment an idol! Tagging the friend list! Please let me know if you want to be added or removed! 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