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Simon's Perspective Hiding out in plan sight. You only ever see that happen in movies and never in reality. But then again what is reality? I sure as fuck didn't know anymore. My life has been consumed with betrayals, deceit and lies. Especially from the one person I thought I could trust. My wife. Alexis. I have done my fair of shit and yea I fucked around on her. Admittedly with my ex best friends girl, but MJ had everything that I used to love in Alexis until the bitch went crazy. She allowed power to consume her and she changed. Damn. Idk why these thoughts are possessing me now. I get up from my chair to look out at the window at the skyline. What's done is done I keep thinking, looking out towards MY empire. I just can't help but think that the sins of my past are going to catch up to me soon. Very soon. I've been trying to shake this feeling. But it won't let me go. We took care of all loose ends and MJ is right where I need her to be. She knows all of our secrets, including the dark ones from my past. The Ghost cases as I found is what we're being called by the detectives working those cases. Ghosts. How fitting. Everything we did was done in the night and with no traces left behind that could lead to us. As I close my eyes, I can hear the sound of someone approaching from behind. I feel hands begin to roam my body and up my chest. I can feel myself smiling, thinking that its MJ. Kissing behind my ear making a moan escape my lips. I turned around and picked her up by her ass, as I kissed her fervently. It was only her who caused my yearnings for her to escalate every time she was near. But as I continued kissing her, something felt different. The passion and that indescribable feeling. I stopped what I was doing only to see that the person I was kissing wasn't whom I thought it was. It was Alexis. "You must be missing that bitch?!" she said with an evil laugh. "You conniving little bitch!" "Uh uh uh... Now now. I'm not the one who started that little tryst." "You're right, you didn't" I said walking towards her and allowing my finger to caress the side of her cheek. "But there is one thing I can tell you" I said as I hugged her body closer to mine and picked the very spot that I knew would drive her insane. "She pleasures me in ways that you never could!" I whispered in her ear and pushed her away as I walked away laughing. "You fucking asshole. SHE WILL NEVER BE ME!!" "Yea, I know!" I heard glass shatter as I continued walking down the hallway and out of my office. The woman I had once fallen in love with, was not the woman that I just saw before me. Alexis' Perspective Those words. Those words hurt more than he could ever fathom. I swipe at the tear trickling down my face. He isn't worth crying over. Although I say this with such ferocity, my heart says otherwise. We were once so in love and then everything changed. I changed. I got the taste of money, power and freedom. Those feelings of being invincible flourished within me and changed me into something I could not recognize. Even now, staring at the reflection of myself through the window, I barely recognized myself adorned in expensive jewelry and clothing from head to toe. "Huh so she pleasures you in ways that I never could huh?" I said pouring myself a glass of Hennessey. "If you only knew that there was another before you, that made my body feel like it was on fire. You wouldn't be so appeased with yourself." The first man to ever love me and show me love and freedom I betrayed him for you. I gave up everything I had with him, for you. If you only knew the things I have done for without you knowing. Making sure nothing was ever left behind. I have helped you in more ways than you could ever imagine. We were meant to be. Whether it was as a couple or business partners. Everything we did, we did together. We fortified this city, we stole and lied. But most of all we took this empire into our hands and made it bigger than its ever been. I have killed for you and covered up killings you have done. That name Ghosts didn't come out of nowhere. You left no evidence behind but there was one, you forgot about that has to be disposed of. Calculated and cold-blooded is what I have learned coming up in this world. You have to secure your right to be where you are, and I secured ours! While securing our places in this world, I had to leave the best parts of me behind. And yet, it now seems as though my past transgressions are coming back to haunt me. This seems to only be the beginning of what has yet to come. I don't know what will happen, but I have this feeling that whatever it is, I may not be making it out alive. I hope you all enjoyed the story. Sorry if it seems a little boring but I wanted to add a little more to their characters. Thanks for the love! Tagging my peeps!! 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