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Poor BamBam!
OK we have a situation. Over on twitter BamBam posted a simple selfie with marks dad, yugyeom, and Tammy saying the following "Back in LA to see my daddy."
A harmless picture right? Yet a few minutes after posting disgusting humans started commenting things like "Your using the term wrong" or "we know yugyeom is your daddy huehuehue" and so on. I'm going to take a minute and tell y'all now, but if you can't differ urban dictionary terms from regular dictionary terms, then go back to school or stay in school. This is simply ridiculous. Bambam doesn't need that constant reminder that his actual father is gone. Let the boy say daddy. Now personally I cringe at the word daddy, I dislike it not because of the sexual term, but because it just sounds weird to me, but if he wants to use it, fine.
So after all those fans commented on the issue about the "daddy" slang, he tweeted these tweets but shortly deleted them afterwards. He most likely feels like he's being under attack but doesn't know why. As a twitter user put it "You just made a boy who truly yearns for a father defends himself and feels guilty." He doesn't need to feel guilty about finding a father figure. Leave him be! This is ridiculous.

But luckily Tammy tweeted a very heart felt tweet to bambam!
So please guys, bambam needs us in this moment. I hope he's getting some proper sleep and is happy to be with his dad.
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@XionHeart i hope so too because this is hurting the feelings of someone who's cares
8 months ago·Reply
@aliendestina and it's completely ridiculous
8 months ago·Reply
@XionHeart exactly 😣
8 months ago·Reply
Crying all over again, I don't have a father figure either and I'm at least 2 years younger than Bambam and I'm hurting right now, this is the second time GOT7 has come to America and Bambam got hate that he doesn't deserve. Is there some hashtag that I can put up on Twitter for Bambam? Something that he'll see, there needs to be more love for him. I already started swinging on Twitter
8 months ago·Reply
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I would love to start one but I can't think of anything
8 months ago