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Hello Beautiful ARMY's! Violet here bringing you your Sunday dose of Jimin!! This week we have been talking about places we'd love to visit with BTS! *Unfortunately, since Vingle has been giving some people problems so we weren't able to post all our members cards, so we apologize.*

Here are the TOP 3 Places to Visit With Jimin! ♡♡
1). Hawaii

Jimin has mentioned how much he loved Laguna Beach before, imagine taking him to Hawaii!! He would just love playing around in the water all day long while enjoying the beautifulness that is Hawaii.

2). Vienna

Better known as the city of music and the city of dreams. Jimin would love it! He would want to try different foods, walk around the city while eating ice cream and would take 4637382 of pictures along the way.
3). The Caribbean Islands

Jimin has mentioned that he likes to relax whenever he has vacation time. So i thought this place would be perfect for him!! He could lay down on the beach enjoying a cool drink while listening to the calm sound of the waves. The weather would be just right. He would love it. ♡

That brings me to the end of this week's card i hope you guys enjoyed it! And i hope you all have a beautiful Sunday!!! ♡♡

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Jimin would love those places ^^
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a year ago
Those would be amazing vacation spots with Jimin
a year ago·Reply
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@PolarStarr He would definitely have ablast there 😆
a year ago
Do you mean Vienna, as in the capital of Austria?
a year ago·Reply
Woops i guess Ex-Germany lol 😂
a year ago
Can we all go with him?
a year ago·Reply
That would be awesome!!! 😍😍
a year ago