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I've seen comments on other videos and this is basically discouraging Johnny. I agree 100% that he should have more lines but at least he gots lines. Same with WinWin, Johnny may have trained longer than WinWin instead of complaining about how they get no parts just be happy that they're part of the group and not say its unfair. Sure SM should've given them more lines but they are more focused on dance than rap and vocal. They're both great dancers. People are saying "SM sucks for not giving them more lines" or "Flood SM with messages to give them more lines" (comment has since been deleted)sure SM isn't the best company but wanting to flood them with messages is going a bit over the top. Johnny I'm sure feels bad about not having a ton of parts but I'm sure he's proud that he and WinWin have lines. Instead of discouraging him, encourage him and WinWin letting them know they aren't alone. Everyone wants what's best for NCT so start by encouraging them and cheerng for them. People leaving comments like this just tick me up and want to blow up.
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lol love it. but really poor Mark needs a huge break. like a 3 month break or more poor kid has been working since last year. and they need to re group NCT U and let Hansol and Kun debut