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Hello Beautiful ARMY's !!! Violet here to introduce this weeks theme!! I wanted to make it fun yet simple because I know a lot of you are still struggling with the new format and the new update in general. For this week we will be bringing you selcas of each member in BTS SECLA WEEK!!♡ Like always we encourage you to make cards of your own!! Have fun !! and don't forget to tag BTS' Army mod squad!! ♡♡ Have a beautiful week guys!!

PolarStarr Taglist

Bangtan's Army Mod Taglist:

Official Army Taglist:

☆ If you would like to be added to the Official Army taglist let us know HERE !☆
I'm grateful for the easy week, so is @TheRealAgustD.
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Haha for sure, should be fun! ☺☺
a year ago
Nice! I love idols selcas especially BTS ❤
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cuteeeee I would like to be tagged
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thank you ♥♥♥
a year ago