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Wassup guys!!!! Kim's here to show some love to my mod support team. This week, I want to show some love to @MelissaGarza !!!!!! I know that she's a moderator for Boys Republic and mod support for so many other communities as well!!! I know she does an amazing job so I just wanted to say that I appreciate all that you do!!!!! Also, if you haven't already done so, check out her cards as well!!!!

I don't know what Siwon got planned under his sleeve, but he may be up to no good!!!!!

Tagging my lovely ELF Reps:

Tagging my ELF Buds:

This is the Super Junior "Sapphire Ocean" tag list. It will only be used by our ELF Reps :)
Please leave a comment saying if you want to be added to this list, any name changes or if you wish to be taken off the list. One of our ELF Reps will reply to your comment! Changes will occur from next card on!!!!!

She definitely is a great person.
Oh yeah
Thank you! I feel very special. I enjoy being part of your mod support and Vingle! ❤
Anytime love!!!
She's definitely a charm. I am having the pleasure of being mod support with her and she's a complete doll.
Yes she is!!!!
We love her over in the BTOB, INFINITE and BEAST communities!