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warning BxB


while eating the cold noodles Jimin and his roommate Jungkook stared at me while i was enjoying the noodles i haven't had a decent meal since i was transfering my paper to the all boys college and waiting to be accepted Jungkook suddenly got up " if your going to be staying here we only have 2 beds" i looked at jimin and than looked at the 2 beds i saw a couch in the corner but it was way to small for me to sleep on than I looked at the floor "I'll sleep on the floor i guess maybe I'll just ask the office if we could place another bed in here" I got up and put the bowl in the sink and headed for the door than suddenly i felt someone grab me i turned around and saw Jimin "something wrong?" he looked at me "let me come with you since its my fault you have to live in a room with only 2 beds" i gently started pushing him to the bottom bunk "you need to rest and feel better I'm fine and if they don't give me a bed i could always share one with you or Jungkook" his eyes suddenly became big jungkook suddenly shouted "your not sharing a bed with me" I walked out of the room to the dorm office "um is it okay if i get another bed in room 107?" the old ahjussi looked at me and smiled "you must be the new student here im Mr.hersh and im sorry but only 2 beds per room we do put couches in the rooms but looking at you , you probably won't fit maybe share a bed with your roommates okay good night sleep well" he waved to me and turned of the lights in the office and started walking away i headed back to the room and walked in and locked the door behind me "they said only one bed per room" Jungkook started to laugh as he layed down on the top bunk almost rubbing it in i looked at Jimin and smile "got any room for one more " he smiled back "s-s-ure" as i got up and turned off the lights i layed careful into the bed and rested my head on his pillow

Jimin POV

v face was so close to mine my body is burning up i feel like im going to die he fell asleep really fast he suddenly put his arm around me and pulled me closer i could feel his breath on my forehead i covered up my mouth as i felt a slight scream come up hes not even doing anything to me how could i be so scared of being so close to him i feel like butterflies are crawling in my stomach how can i live peacefully with him here maybe i have to advoid him no thats not going to work we have to sleep in the same bed unless Jungkook will let me sleep with him yeah than i'll be fine v came closer to be me and whispered in my ear "be careful you can't run away from me and can you please stop talking out loud" i started to turn red Oh No