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Waddup ya'll!!!! Kim's back with another installment. I'm glad so many of you all like this heathen and what he is doing. Yes things are going to pick up!!! So grab your popcorns, take a seat and enjoy the ride today!!!!!

If looks can kill, he would be dead in an instant. Out of all the clients in the world, your boss had to work with him!!! The enemy, you thought. Your boss was calling you over to him. You quickly masked your anger and politely smiled as you walked over. Y/N, meet our newest client, Jay Park. He is the CEO of his own company AOMG, but he is branching out to do something different for his solo work. He is intrusting us to help him achieve superstar status.

You thought to yourself, why would he need us. His group is way successful, sold out multiple arenas and has reached triple platinum with their music. Their last album almost broke iTunes after their single came out. I know he's up to something. You smiled and politely stuck your hand out to shake it. Jay took your hand and shook it, but then gentley caressed your hand. You instantly felt electric shock go through your body, but quickly dismissed the feeling. I can't still have feelings for him after what he did!!!

Your boss then snapped you out your thoughts and told you that to much of your dismay, that you would be closely working with him. Your eyes quickly widen, but went back to their normal size. Jay took notice and asked if there was going to be a problem. You calmly stated that there's no problem at all. Your boss smiled and wished you good luck and that he couldn't wait to see what you had in store creatively.

As soon as your boss walked out the room and closed the door, Jay slowly closed the gap in between the two of you. You look beautiful as ever, he started. You do know that you can't sweet talk your way to me. This is strictly business, you stated in a business tone. He chuckled and said, Only you can keep it business at work. That is one of the things that I like about you. You quickly snapped your head towards him and frowned. You looked at him squared in the eyes and said, What ever you are trying to do, give it up!! It's not going to work. You had your chance and you fucked it up by cheating on me. I won't fall for your charm outside of work and definitely not at work. What ever tricks you have, do it to someone else that wants to play. I'm not for play play.

Jay looks at you, shakes his head and chuckles. You're not even going to let me tell my side of the story, are you? You quickly turned your head as tears threatened to spill down your cheeks. What you did, I can never forget, let alone forgive you for. Unfortunately due to certain circumstances, I have to work with you. Wednesday, be ready to discuss on how you want your solo career to go. You quickly gathered up your paperwork and rushed out the door and slammed it in the process. Jay looked down at his hand where the necklace that you gave him from that day and sqoze it shut. I will one day make you mine again. I'm sorry for what I have done to you. I know I can't take it back, but I want us to be whole again. I'm not complete without you in my life.

*Sips tea* Uuumm, so yeah!!!! Good luck with that Jay!!!!!!

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well the tea has been spilled and a new pot is boiling. when it's done please pour it on his head so he gets the drift.
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@QueenPandaBunny hell nah he don't get a say
WE ABOUT TO HAVE IT OUT, you and me lmfaoooo!!!!!!!!!!$
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she's working with him now too after what he did and how bad he hurt her wow jay gave her up already she doesn't want you you hurt her really bad I am happy she hasn't forgiven you sorry
@QueenPandaBunny Unni has this story been updated? my phone broke after this chapter came out and I haven't been able to get back on Vingle until Yesterday when I got a new phone finally.
Yes it has. Six more chapters have been added. I'm in the process of working on chapter 13 as we speak.