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Suho is in a drama!!!!! The drama he is in is called "The Universe's Star" and can be found on Kissasian. It's first episode was aired on Monday, January 23, 2017 and is supposed to end on Monday January 30, 2017. It's a short drama, but it allows us fans to see more to Suho than what we already know!!

Suho has also acted in a movie called "One Way Trip," and of course "Exo Next Door!"

Enjoy these pictures!!! FYI: Pictures do not belong to me.

Support Suho in his new short drama and enjoy the intresting plot line!!

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It's a 3 part story for his section and there are 3 stories of colors. Suho is in white. Then there is a gold story and a green story. I've watched the first 2.episodes, and Suho does a good job.