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Who: Reader x Jung Kiseok What: Smut & Angst Readers 18+ only Story: He liked to party and you were okay with that until you started to feel like his burden rather than his prize. (Inspired by Dean's song I'm not sorry) One Year later Y/n's POV "Come here you little monster don't run from me." You said as you chased after Haneul. He was already a year old and walking around. More like running. You and Ae-cha were at the park and he was running around because he wanted you to play with him. Ae-cha just watched you two with a smile. You finally caught Haneul and he giggled happily in your arms. You kissed his cheek and sat down next to Ae-cha. "Have you told him yet?" She asked. "No I'm going to tell him tonight. I'm pretty excited about it." You answered. "You should it's a great opportunity." You two were talking about a job offer you got at a university for teaching art. You had two masters one for teaching and one in art. You wanted to teach art on a higher spectrum. Back when the date of the wedding was closing in, you had secretly applied to a few universities in Seoul. Recently though, a few places called but one university beat out all the other offers. They really gave you the best deal; they wanted you that bad. It was exciting, even as you came closer to choosing another university, they started offering you more stuff. You finally settled with the K-Arts school. They gave you a higher salary, better benefits and worked around your availability. Considering you weren't very busy lately you could take on an extra day or two, even an extra class for the semester. Ae-cha was right it was a really great school and a really amazing offer. You had only ever focused on teaching grade school but with Kiseok around you started going back to your art side. He was telling you about a music video and you told him about certain things that were easy to make and they looked real. When you made a prop for one of his music videos, he showed it to Jay and Jay thought it was really amazing. Sometimes if they needed special things done, Kiseok would ask for your help. He actually encouraged you to work more in the art field. You suspected he didn't mind asking you to make things because he figured it would push you into the art world more.

lHe wasn't wrong. You were lifting Haneul over your head and he giggled while you made plane noises. "You two are cute." Ae-cha said. "Who, me and Haneul or me and my husband?" Ae-cha laughed, "You just love saying it don't you?" "Yeah I do, it's still kind of weird saying it though. Sometimes I wake up and I look around amazed that we really made it." "Why? You two love each other." "Yeah I know, it was just the closer we got the more unreal it felt. Like he'd regret asking me or something would happen to push us apart. I had those fears even when I walked down the isle. Jeongso had to knock some sense into me." You said. Ae-cha reached over to take Haneul when he reached out to her. He wrapped his arms around her neck and gave her a hug. You smiled at him, "Eventually it'll feel more and more real." Ae-cha said. You nodded. "So what about you and Seonghwa? It's been a few months hasn't it?" You said. "Yeah but I don't know how serious he is. I mean he comes over to hang out with Haneul and he'll even invite me to stay over or to hang with them in the studio but- I don't know it feels like even he doesn't know where he wants to be." "I honestly thought you two would've started dating after Haneul was born. I saw you two kiss." "Okay that was a technicality alright. We were both very emotional looking at our baby boy it was just in the moment kind of thing." "But he has asked you out." You said. "Well yeah and we went out on like three dates but between taking care of the baby, my work and his tour it feels like there's no time. All the time we have is given to Haneul. We have moments, a relationship can't survive on just moments." "Moments help build up to greater things, so don't waste those moments Ae-cha. Back when I was dating Kiseok you told me I run anytime things get bad. Well, you run any time things get serious; you've never been in a relationship longer than a few days. He likes you and you like him and if you'd stop being stubborn and he'd just say how he felt you guys would actually start moving towards something. He'll be back tonight, I think you two should talk about it. I mean really talk not just sex." You said. "Yes mother." You laughed. "Speaking of mother." "Oh please don't bring that up again, I already told you we haven't talked about it." "You still want one." You nodded, "Yes but I'm twenty seven not fifty and going through menopause, I have time." "Yeah but you'll be thirty soon." "Oh god don't remind me." You laughed. Ae-cha laughed with you before she kissed Haneul. There was something refreshing about seeing Ae-cha with her son. You even came in to the studio sometimes and you'd catch a glimpse of Haneul on Seonghwa's lap. Seonghwa would have his palms open and Haneul was slap his tiny hands onto Seonghwa's while laughing. Haneul was a playful little baby, it was sweet watching them interact with their son. Seonghwa you believed was actually growing feelings for Ae-cha you just believed she was too afraid to accept them. She was okay with letting him be a father but her boyfriend was difficult. Watching them made you want one even more though.... Night came and you were fixing pillows on the couch when you heard the door open.
"Baby Y/n." You heard Kiseok's warm coo. You smiled and turned around to see him coming in with his bags. You walked up to him and he dropped everything in his hands to welcome you in his arms. You kissed him tasting the remnants of a lollipop he'd eaten. You smiled into the kiss and he pushed you back. "God I missed you." He said. "Becareful." You said when he pinned you against the wall. "Do you feel like going out tonight?" He said while attacking your neck. You moaned while your hands went through his hair. "Sure." You whispered. "Ok." He kissed up from your breast to your lips. He grabbed your hands and pinned them against the wall, his body pushed against yours and kept you pinned while he kissed you hard. "Fuck I want you Kitten." "W-wait. Kiseok." You breathed while his hands ran up your shirt. "Do I have too?" He pouted. You laughed and cupped his face. "I'm sorry but just a little longer. I have something to tell you." You said. He sighed and left his hands on your waist but nuzzled his face into your neck. "Alright Kitten, what's up?" He said into your neck. You felt his lips brush your neck making you moan lightly. "Okay I need you to look at me first other wise I won't be able to get it out." You said. He stood, "Sorry, I've missed you." "I know, I've missed you too but this is really important okay." "Yeah." You took a deep breath. "I got a job offer while you were gone, to work at K-Arts." "What? Are you serious?" You nodded with a smile. "Y/n I'm so proud of you!" He cupped your face to give you a soft kiss and then pulled up to look in your eyes, "When did you apply?" "A little before the wedding, they just got back to me. Actually, I applied to a few schools K-arts had the best offer." You said. "That's worth celebrating. I guess I have to keep my promise to Jay now." "What do you mean?" You asked. "Well the reason I asked if you wanted to go out was because the crew was going to go out for some drinks. Except Seonghwa, he said he wanted to see the baby." "Aw that's sweet." You said. Kiseok nodded, "Well, I can always have you when I come back. That or we can do it in the club, or in the car on our way over." You started laughing. "Don't laugh, I really missed you," he came up to kiss your lips again. "My entire body missed you," He kissed you deeper and a little longer, he let his lips linger. "Next time I'm taking you with me." He kissed you harder this time. His hands came to your breast and he cupped them. As he played with them, he pulled away to look down and then looked up at you confused. "They're bigger." He declared. You looked at him wide eyed and then looked down. He was still playing with them. He kept squeezing lightly but you slapped his hand away. "They're not bigger!" "Yes they are. They're bigger." He laughed as he started to move them up and down. You let a moan slip out but he came and kissed you, covering it up. "Y/n are you hiding something? What did you do?" He smiled. "Nothing, they're not bigger you're imagining it! You've been away to long." "I know my Kitten. They're definitely bigger. I can feel it. I wasn't paying attention before but looking at them now, they're bigger." He laughed. "Stop it Kiseok! They're not bigger, what are you even trying to imply? I didn't get a boob job while you were gone." He smiled, "That's definitely not what I'm implying baby Y/n. Here, come on." He said. He grabbed your hand and pulled you into the master bathroom. He had you face the mirror and he slowly took off your shirt. He revealed your breast covered in your gray bra, the bra was tight on you. You noticed it this morning but you didn't make a big deal about it. Kiseok laughed as he leaned over you and kissed your cheek. He looked at you through the mirror. "You see it now don't you? Or are you still denying it?" He smiled. "Denying what, I've gained a little weight, so what you jerk!" You stuck your tongue out at him. He laughed and kissed your neck. The way his eyes had flashed up to the mirror to look at your face made you bite back a moan. "What do you think caused the weight gain?" He said. "Kiseok, stop it." He chuckled and shook his head, his hand went to your stomach, making you inhale sharply. "You're pregnant." He said. "No, no I'm not. I didn't have morning sickness like most do. I just put on weight." His other hand had been on your shoulder while he kissed your neck. He slipped that hand down around your body and placed it on your stomach. His hands were cold but your body was warming up from his touch and his kisses. He rocked you back and forth and looked at you in the mirror with a smile on, "You're pregnant baby Y/n." "I can't be, we used a condom." "Condoms break babe, unless you're trying to say you've been sleeping with someone else without a condom." "Yeah, I've been sleeping with Jay." You said sarcastically. "That's okay he doesn't have to know it's his." He joked back. You laughed at him and he turned you around to kiss you softly. "Are you still going to pretend that this isn't happening? You've wanted a baby for so long." "Weight gain isn't proof of pregnancy though. I don't want to get my hopes up if it turns out I'm just fat. Although, you seem to like the bigger boobs perk." You laughed. "It's not the bigger breast, although I'm not complaining. I'm just sure you're pregnant." You smiled at him, "I'm going to need proof." He raised his eyebrows, "Okay, come on put your shirt back on." "Why, where are we going?" You asked. "To get you proof." You put your shirt back on and he called his driver around. He pulled you out of the penthouse and into the elevator. He continued to hold you from behind until the doors opened at the bottom floor. He had the driver take you to a store and he bought you a pregnancy test. "Here to take a potty break." He said. You rolled your eyes at him and he quickly pulled you back to kiss you before you left him. He smacked your butt to hurry you along. He'd taken you to the AOMG building since he needed to pick up something. You did as the instructions said and as you waited you looked at yourself in the mirror. You lifted your shirt examining your breast. How come he noticed but you hadn't paid attention? Aside from your bra fitting tighter the more you looked the more you realized he was right, they were bigger. But you had more of a tummy now, it was natural to gain weight in your breast just like it was natural for your breast to get smaller if you lost the weight. Your hands went to your stomach. You hadn't had cravings, you didn't have morning sickness or aches and pain. For the most part you were normal aside from gaining weight. Your periods were irregular anyway so it didn't seem abnormal that the pattern had switched again and you didn't get one. There were times for a whole month you wouldn't get one then the beginning of the next month you would. Considering you wanted a baby you never took up the option to be on birth control. Your phone buzzed that two minutes were up and you looked at the test. Two bands were on it, "Pregnant." You said. You were pregnant. You were pregnant. You were pregnant. You kept thinking it over and over again. You walked out of the bathroom after washing your hands again. Kiseok came up to you with a smile, "Well?" "It was positive." You said lowly. "Hm? Hey what wrong, you sound sad?" You wrapped your arms around him and he hugged you close. All of your emotions came out at once and you started crying. He petted the back of your head while you cried in his chest. He chuckled, "I told you I'll give you whatever you want." "I'm pregnant." You said. He laughed and kissed you. His thumb wiped away your tears for you. "Don't cry, it's a good thing. I'm happy." He smiled. "I didn't think I- I just thought because we never talked about it- I can't believe after all this time." You wiped away more tears. "Come on baby. I can't wait to tell the guys." You laughed and settled your tears. You were really happy, too happy to control that over flow but you were amazed. Babies tended to show up when it was least expected. Kiseok bent down and raised your shirt a little to kiss your belly. "I'll be so good to you and your mommy. No one will love you two more than me," He stood up straight and kissed you, "I'll give you both the world and so much more." You wrapped your arms around his neck. "Well aren't we lucky." You smiled. He smacked your butt making you yelp in surprise and then laugh, "Don't be smart Kitten. Come on let's go tell Jay and the others we're having a baby." "Okay but let me call Ae-cha and Hakyeon first they'll want to know. Promise me you won't get drunk either, I can't carry you back in the house." "Oh don't worry, we're not staying with them long. I want to be sober when I play with you." You laughed, "You're an idiot." He kissed your cheek. "I'm your idiot. I hope it's a girl." "Oh really?" "I want to spoil her. She'll be a little rap princess." "Rap princess, cute, just don't teach her how to cuss and I won't object." You said. He laughed, "Your mouth is dirtier than mine Kitten. I'll prove it tonight when I make you scream my name." He smiled. You shook your head. He got his wish though, it was only a few months later when you two found out you were, in fact, having a baby girl... 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"Yeah, I've been sleeping with Jay." You said sarcastically. "That's okay he doesn't have to know it's his." He joked back. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
😭😭😭😭❀❀❀❀❀❀ ugh i love you for this...*sniff**sniff* πŸ‘β€β€β€β€
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