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Hello everyone!!

Wow, this week went by slow. Well, fast in life but too slow for this ranking!! I felt like I put this ranking up ages ago!!!! But...That just might be me;;

The time has come to see who you guys ship EXO's Sehun with!! How exciting!! cx

The votes came from here:
Who Do You Ship? EXO Sehun

Please be sure to check out my other Rankings if you're interested!! And if you would like to be tagged in this series, please don't be afraid to ask!!

Are you ready?

Hold onto your steering wheel because the ship has sailed!!!!

1. HunHan

Sehun x Luhan
(12 votes)

2. KaiHun/SeKai and BaekHun

Sehun x Kai and Sehun x Baekhyun
(3 votes)

3. SeSoo

Sehun x D.O
(1 vote)

Was the result surprising or did you already see it coming? Either way, it doesn't really matter.

You can ship Sehun with whoever you want and you can write all the fanfiction you want about them cause....

Who's going to stop you?

Missed the voting? That's okay!!

Just ask to be tagged in the future rankings so that you never miss another one again!! I'd certainly love to have more Rankers to follow me along on this ride ^-^

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The next ship ranking will be of EXO's D.O, but that will be posted in about two weeks;;

This week I'll actually be posting a new theory card for EXO and it will be a theory on EXO's "23 Teasers."

(Finally! Took me long enough to finally make a new one....>.>)

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Alright, thank you for asking C:
That was surprising to me.
Really? Who did you think would win, or at least, what the results would've been?
I know :c I miss them too....T.T
YYYYYAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! My entire soul supports this ship so hard lol
Haha you're too addicted to this ship, Elle cX But that's okay!! I approve cx