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The apartment diaries (a Hong Jisoo oneshot) entry one

Hello vinglers! It's been a long time since I posted this card so here is the first Seventeen oneshot starring Hong Jisoo or Joshua! Thanks to our only voter @IsoldaPazo, this the first oneshot.
Warning! Smut Fluff For mature readers only Freaky kinky Nasty scenes Graphic fan fiction Scroll down at your own risk
The apartment diaries (a Hong Jisoo one shot) Entry one You just got home to your apartment in LA as you go to your room and open your new blank diary and write in it. "Dear apartment diary, Today was an interesting day. I was exercising at the park today and as I sat down on a bench (and there are many benches there.) and some guy sat down next to me and started hitting on me. His name was Josh and I didn't know how to respond to him so I just stared at him with a question mark over my head. What was he doing?! He kept moving closer to me and diary, I think he was interested in something very sinister, and I was not happy about it. I got up, walked away and he pulled my wrist and asked me out. I told him I would go out with him and he could do whatever he wanted with me. He was happy and so was I, so we agreed to meet up the next day. What I didnt know, was that he would be sitting at the restaurant (our meeting spot) on a stool with his guitar, serenading me as if he was just doing a street concert. I was so happy and overwhelmed by his performance that I was practically speechless. He took me into the restaurant and we had a very fancy meal. I felt like the happiest girl on the planet! We introduced ourselves and got to know eachother and it was an overall great date! He took me to his place and boy, diary, when we got to his apartment, s*** went down in there! Once we got to his front door he placed his hands on my neck under my face, chin, cheek, he told me I was beautiful, he said 'I love you', I told him so and he kissed me ever so softly as I rubbed his neck and he set his hands on my shoulders, he opened his door, pulled me in and locked it and kissed me as I leaned myself against his door as he pulled me in his embrace as he took me to his room as I wrapped my legs around his waist and he took me into his bedroom and he lauded me down on his bed and pulled off my thong and ate me out. 'MMM you're tasty!' He said as he licked my v until it was dry. I pulled off my dress and let my hair down as he kissed me and groped my boobs and squeezed them as he moved his head and kissed my neck as I undid his shirt and rubbed his back until he threw it off and kissed my collar bone as I kept rubbing his back and he moved his lips down my body until he got to my boobs and licked my nipples and sucked on them as my arms fell to the sides of me. He kissed me roughly as he undid his pants as I push off his long briefs with my feet after he shook his pants off. He lowered his chest on mine as he rubbed himself on me as I placed my hands on him and I rub his back until he slid his tail inside my hole. My head went back as it rolled from one side to another as he kept on thrusting inside me. I moaned out of satisfaction as he kissed my neck and ran his fingers through my hair. He kept pumping me hard until he reached a high which made me reach a high. It only lasted five minutes but once we got back down from the high, he slid his tail out and fell down next to me. 'That was fun!' He said. 'You're crazy!' I told him. 'No, I'm crazy for you!' He retorted. He kissed my cheek. I got up but he pulled me back and hovered over me. 'No, you must stay here!' He said. 'Umm, no I'm going.' I told him. I got out from under him and gathered my things, but he pulled me back yet again and kissed my lips. He told me that I had to sleep with him that night. I rolled my eyes and tried to get off the bed, but his body kept blocking me from doing so. 'Ugh! Fine! I'll sleep with you tonight, but no more nights like this! I don't want to end up with a disease!' I told him. 'You won't! I promise!' He said. 'Really?' I said. 'Yes! I promise you won't get sick from intercourse.' He told me. 'Promise there won't be more nights like this?' I told him. 'MMM I can't promise that.' He said. I rolled my eyes again and slipped out from him and tried to leave but he wouldn't even let me get off the bed. 'Let's just sleep, we're both tired and we just want some rest.' He said. 'Alright, okay, goodnight.' I told him as I covered myself in his bed. 'Goodnight jagi.' He said as he switched off the lights and hid himself in his bed. We both slept together that night and the next day, I got up, got dressed and went back to my apartment to get dressed for work. As I was on my lunch break I got a text from Josh 'Where r u?' It said. Umm... why? I texted him back. 'Why do you want to know where I am?' I texted back. Ding. 'I want to have lunch with you.' He replied. Uhh, ok I text him back. 'I'm at _____' I texted back. I was about to finish my lunch and head back to work but Josh showed up and sat at my table. 'Umm, hi! I was just about to leave for work, but I'll stay if you want' I told him. 'Look, if you need to go back I'll let you go, just let me know when you get off. I just wanted to see you.' He said. 'I get off at 4. Let's meet at my place. Sound good?' I tell him. 'Yeah, see you then!' He told me. I went back to work as I thought of him all day. Once I got back I was exhausted! I put my things away and went to my room. Wow! What a day! I didn't expect to meet someone! Well, I better get going! By (r/n) Well, I hope you all liked it! 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