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So after being attacked by Cross Gene and their 1 sec teasers, I have been wanting to fight them, their manager, their wardrobe person, the choreographer. . . ALL OF THEM. They all will be catching these hands. . .
It was just a few Days ago that they decided to release these photos. . They followed up with teasers that are so short you want to flip tables. . . .
They released this one earlier, so I'm excited. If this means what I think it means, there are going to be 2 versions. A Black & White Version.
Dear Deity thank you for allowing me to be in the same Era as them.
These screenshots taken from their excruciatingly 1 & 2 sec videos: Meaning that I'm so (im)patiently awaiting for a teaser that doesn't hurt my heart.

The Teasers are looking to be dark! Which makes me very happy!!

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@AimeeH so I'll be stalking your Community until their Comeback 😂
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@MelissaGarza Yeass!! I'm excited for it!
Oh my goodness!! Yay! Haha! I'm super excited for you! @MelissaGarza
I'm so excited about this. It's going to be my first Cross Gene comeback 😆
every time I get money kpop groups decided to have comebacks
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Haha right. I get paid 3 days before the MV drops. I'm saving every penny I can so I can hop on this comeback!