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~Entry Twenty-Five~

Morning fam~

The next entry is here and I hope you all enjoy it!^^

Need a recap? Or new to the story? I gotchu~

Entries: (It still won't let me put a link for the 22nd and 23rd entry >.<. However, you can find them in the collection so head there if you want to read those again!)
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WARNING: There is mild language! It isn't that bad but I still wanted to give a heads up!

Hey Diary,

Today took an unexpected turn.

I was walking to have some lunch in the practice room (as no way am I going to eat with the other idols) when something stopped me. I was about to open the door when he was here.

My friend. 

I kind of froze in the moment. I just watched as he was dancing in the room we used to practice in all the time. I couldn't help but laugh a little too as I saw him mess up and beat himself up for it.

What shocked me even more was that he was dancing to one of IU's song - one of the two we used to dance together to all the time. 

It was a bittersweet moment to be honest. It was sad that I wasn't in there with him, laughing like we used to, but it was cute how he was still going over the steps.

It definitely shows his dedication.

I decided to not go inside the room and instead walked past the door to go up to the roof of the building. Very cliche, I know. But what can I say? I can't resist it up there.

So when I headed up there and took a seat next to the door, the last thing I was expecting was to meet someone else up there. IU.

God, she is everywhere man. I can't even escape from her on my lunch. 

She saw me and I was just about to leave when she stopped me. She told me to wait. And I did.
I wanted to see what she had to say. 

She just stared me down for a bit before even saying anything. But when she did start talking, the very last words I ever thought would leave her mouth, did.

'I'm sorry.' 

HOLD UP. Satan? Apologizing? The world must be ending, right?

I was in shock and then she went into it. She said that she was upset earlier that day from a fight with the other back-up dancers, so in a spurt of the moment kind of thing, she told Yongguk. 

She said she knows it wasn't fair or right, but now she felt bad for it. The funny thing is though that she didn't ask me for forgiveness, like she wasn't expecting any. 

So, before I got to say anything, she left the rooftop, leaving me up there dazed. I didn't know how to process any of it so I just decided to eat my lunch and think about it later. 

And when I went back down to talk to her about it, she would dodge my every attempt to talk to her during practice. 

It really was a confusing day. 

I think in her own weird way, she was trying to make up for the things she has done to me (even though she only apologized for one of them).

I mean she is still crazy but maybe...

Maybe she isn't such a horrible person after all.



Thanks for reading! XD

Also, the story is coming to a close here soon so...her friend will be revealed...towards the end...mwahaha

*Savage Thunder Mafia*

~The Journalists~

(Credit to owner of the first photo!)

Omg is it Zelo?
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Wait, that's a lie!! You're not ending this soon!!!! I know that for a fact!!! 😝😝 And just tell me who it is!!!! I'm curious cx And don't trust IU!! You'll regret it girly!!
Nooooo!!! Not a cliffhanger!!! NOT AND ENDING!!!
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@Lexxcisco Thank you!!!
Oh kwels!!! Shedevil is up to something. I can feel it
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