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Chapter 3
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Warning: The subject matter of this story can be considered sensitive to some. Please be advised.

For the next several weeks you followed the same routine. You started getting used to going to your classes on your own and at the end of the day you would wait for Henry to take you to his practice room where you would sit and listen. Painting class used to be your favorite part of the day but this, listening to Henry play, that was your favorite part of the day now. The way he made you feel was as if you could see the whole world through his eyes. His different melodies seemed to paint different images and tell different stories. Some stories were sad while others were happy.

Each day that you came home from spending time with Henry you would rush to your studio and try to paint the different stories you got to listen to. It wasn’t that Henry played different songs for you on different instruments the entire time you were with him but he would always play a little something because you insisted. Some days he would argue like a child and throw little fits that would make you laugh. The conversations you would have together were mostly about him than yourself. You learned that Henry had two siblings, an older brother and younger sister.

Even if he wasn’t playing music, you could listen to him talk all day. Henry’s voice was it’s own beautiful melody painting the image of him. Each time you listened to his stories of his childhood you wished yours were just as exciting. When he talked about his happiest memories the crimson color you loved so much would dance around and paint the room. At the end of each day Henry would walk you out to meet Mari by the car and would leave you by messing with your hair and a loud goodbye.

You never wanted to leave him but you always had to go home at the end of the day. As you sat in the car one day you couldn’t seem to keep your heart from racing. It’s pace was immeasurable and you probably should have been worried but you couldn’t help but smile at the sensation in your chest. ‘I love him,’ you thought as you felt the pulse of your beating heart against your chest. ‘Henry... I’ve fallen in love with you.’

Excited to see him again, you couldn’t wait for the day to end. Painting class finished and you rushed out of the door to be met with the sweet sound of his voice. “[Y/N],” he yelled creating a giant smile from you. As if all the chaos in the hallway didn’t exist you listened to each of his footsteps as he approached you. A crimson cloud seemed to envolpe you as he lightly took your hand in his. “Shall we go,” he always asked and you always agreed in an instant.

Walking to his practice room went too quickly for you. You wanted to hold his hand longer. You wanted to feel the way he moved longer. “So what song will you play for me today,” you asked as he helped set your stuff down then you sat on the piano bench. “Well I was actually thinking you could play something for me,” he answered back.

“You know I can’t play anything.” You giggled lightly.

“How about I teach you? You could play the violin.”

“I don’t even really understand what a violin is. I’ve never seen one and yours is the first I’ve ever heard.”

Henry gasped at your response then he quickly explained to you what a violin is. “It’s one of my favorite instruments to play. The way the strings sing is beautiful,” he would say. His voice always sounded like that of an excited child as he talked about the violin. “Come on, play it,” Henry said excitedly. “Oh no I really shouldn’t. I won’t know what I’m doing. I’ll probably drop it,” you answered back as you waved your hands in front of you.

“It’s fine. I want to teach you something from my world.”

Henry took your hand in his as he pulled you from sitting on the piano bench to stand next to him. You couldn’t help but feel incredibly nervous at not only his words but his touch as well as you felt him walk behind you. “Give me your hand,” Henry lightly commanded as he took your right hand and placed it around the neck of the violin. Even though the violin felt light and weak it also seemed strong. The strings were rough but could create beautiful music when Henry played it. The more you felt the violin the more you felt like it was Henry. “Now hold it gently but not too gently, we don’t want you to drop it,” Henry said followed by a laugh. “Okay now place it on your shoulder and put your chin here.” Henry used one of his free hands to slightly adjust your head to rest on the other end of the violin. “Great, now we take this hand and hold the bow.”

All of a sudden you could feel Henry’s body press against your back and your heart reacted fast. His chest was broad and you wanted to fall further into it. His breath brushed against your cheek as he moved his face next to yours. Your breath was slow and a little heavy as you paid attention to every movement he made. Henry’s body folded slightly into yours as he dragged his hand down your arm and he wrapped his hand around yours. ‘His hand feels larger than usual. Has his hand always been this large,’ you thought as you tried to keep your breathing under control. His other arm wrapped around your waist and placed the bow in your hand. “Now you need to hold the bow like this,” Henry said quietly. He slowly moved each finger and placed it in a specific way on the bow. “This feels so awkward,” you said with a nervous laugh as Henry played with your fingers. “It does at first but it’s something you will get used to,” he said with a smile on his breath. “Get used to,” you asked lifting your head slightly up from holding the violin under you. “Yes, you will get used to it because I will teach you the violin,” Henry said as he tried to be serious. Placing his hand on your hip his other hand raised your arm to place the bow on the violin.

“Now,” Henry started, his voice felt like a whisper, “With a little bit of pressure take the bow and move it across the strings. Like this.” Henry helped to move your hand and you listened to the strings sing out of tune note. With excitement you let out a laughing yelp. “Henry!” Henry started to laugh at your childlike excitement, “Try again.” Without Henry’s help this time you placed the bow on the strings again and started to rub it back and forth listening to the same few notes over and over again. Henry took his hand from your hip and placed it on yours with the neck of the violin. “You can press down on the strings at different points to create new notes. Like this,” he said as he started to press down your fingers on the strings. You laughed with even more excitement as you listened to the notes change. Henry took his hands back from yours and placed them at his sides, at least you assumed he did. With your new found confidence you moved the bow and created a terrible screeching noise. “Oh my goodness! Is it okay,” you asked worriedly pulling the bow far away from the violin. Henry’s laughter filled the room and you felt embarrassed. “Yes,” he said, “You haven’t harmed anything. Keep playing.” You hesitantly started to play the violin again and poorly for that matter. You made the violin screech a few more times and each time you did you winced while Henry laughed behind you. Even still, while playing you couldn’t help but imagined how the way you felt playing must be how Henry feels as well. You closed your eyes as you listened to your out of tune notes fill the air.

The sudden feeling of Henry wrapping his arms around your abdomen tightly made you gasp.You held onto the bow and Violin as they fell to your sides. Henry squeezed you tighter as you felt him place his forehead on your shoulder. “H-Henry,” you asked hoping it was louder than your heartbeat. Henry turned you around to face him and quickly embraced you again. His arms wrapped tightly around your shoulders while your face rested against the crook of his neck. The sound of a heartbeat filled your ears but you couldn’t tell if it was yours or his. “H-Hen,” you started before he cut you off. “[Y/N]...” His warm breath tickled your neck, “I...”
“Was my playing that good that you felt the need to hug me?” You listened to the breathy laugh leave his lips.

Henry pulled his head back from your shoulder and you were too scared to move. ‘What’s he doing....’ you thought as you squeezed the bow and violin in your hands while feeling his arms adjust on you. Henry moved his right hand from your shoulder, up your neck and rest just behind your ear leaving his thumb on your cheek. The feeling of his touch grazing your skin lightly caused your breath to hitch and goosebumps to cover your skin. Henry pulled your head from the crook of his neck and turned your face slightly upward. Henry’s other hand moved down from your shoulder and to your right hip, pulling you close to him.

Your breathing sped up slightly as you tried to contain your racing heart. You pulled your lips in as you swallowed. The warmth of Henry’s breath seemed to get closer and closer. With the bow in your hand, you reached up and grabbed onto the hem of Henry’s shirt. You could feel yourself shaking as you held onto the soft fabric. The sudden feeling of something poking your cheek made you realize how close Henry was to you now. Henry’s nose brush lightly against your left cheek as he let out a small breath against your skin. You squeezed your eyes shut as you tried to block out everything around you. The soft and brief touch of Henry’s lips against yours caused you to take in a quick breath. Your heart raced further as you squeezed the violin in your hand even tighter. A small breath left through your lips as you let them part slightly.

The suddenly feeling of his lips against yours melted you. His lips were soft and strong as they pressed against yours and you tried to match the feeling against his. Henry’s hand moved from cradling your hip to wrapping around your waist as the other supported the back of your head. One kiss turned into two, then three and you wanted more. The feeling of butterflies in your stomach, the tingling of his touch against your skin, you wanted to feel them more. Henry slid his hand from behind your head against your jaw and rested his finger under your chin. He pulled back from your lips as he rested his forehead against yours, the tip of his nose also touching yours.

You let your eyes flutter open as you released the breath you had been holding. Your eyes shifted in all directions searching for something to look at. “Look forward,” Henry whispered as he traced his hand against neck and to your collarbone and lifting his head from yours. Moving your eyes slowly you moved them to face forward. You listened to the smile on Henry’s lips then a small click of his tongue. You couldn’t help the large toothy smile that glowed. ‘I wish I could see your face,’ you thought as you brought your smile to a closed one. You let your eyes wander noticing the red the usually surrounds Henry was much brighter than usual. “I need to take you home,” Henry whispered as he pulled you in for a hug. You didn’t care about the violin or bow in your arms, you wanted to hold him as well. You awkwardly wrapped your arms around him making him laugh. “Here, give me those,” he said sweetly as he reached behind him and took both the bow and violin from your hands.

As he sat the violin down a knocking noise echoed quietly in the room. You let out a small laugh to yourself as you covered your smile with your head facing downward. You ignored the warmth on your cheeks because you imagined Henry had a similar warmth. Henry grabbed your hands one at a time and wrapped them around his waist then wrapped one arm around your shoulder while the other cradled your head as he placed your head on his chest. “That’s better,” he sighed as he squeezed you tightly. You giggled as you returned his tight embrace. Henry’s light and soothing touch as he stroked your hair made your everlasting smile grow larger. You placed your ear on his chest listening to the sound of his heartbeat ring against the walls of his rib cage. “[Y/N]...” Henry said quietly.

“Hmm?” You brought one of your hands from around him and to his chest so you could also feel his racing heart on your fingertips. You closed your eyes so you could focus on the sound of his heart.

“I’m falling in love with you.”

Your eyes shot open at Henry’s sudden words, ‘He’s falling in love with me!?’ You slowly pulled back from his chest leaving your hand against him. Henry brought one of his hands and placed it on top of yours. “Can’t you feel how you make my heart beat,” Henry asked as his hand moved to squeeze yours. You continued to stare forward not knowing what to say but there was no denying the happiness you felt. “Will you let me take you out on a proper date,” Henry asked, his voice filled with hope. “Yes,” you answered loudly and excitedly. Henry pulled you into him again tightly as he laughed loudly. “Oh you have no idea how much asking you that has been stressing me out,” He said as he let out a sigh of relief. You giggled at him as you squeezed him in return. Henry released you from the embrace and you listened as he started to put on his coat.

“Okay for real though. I need to get you home. We should let Mari know you are ready.”

“Um why... why don’t you walk me home instead?”

“W-walk you home?” You could almost hear the blush on his voice.

“Yeah... I... I want to spend more time with you.”

There was a pause before Henry spoke again. You could hear the ruffling of his jacket but you weren’t sure what he was doing. Henry cleared his throat then spoke “Do you know where you live?” “I have the address written down in a notebook. Could you hand me my bag,” you asked. Henry brought your backpack to you and you bent down and started digging through it to find a small notebook. “It’s in here somewhere. Should be toward the beginning,” You said as you held the book out in front of you and Henry took it. “Mari wrote it down for me.” After about a minute of silence you heard Henry say in surprise, “Oh it’s pretty close! It’s only about a ten minute walk.” Without realizing you were saying it, you said, “Then that’s an extra ten minutes I get to be with you.” The breath of Henry’s smile made you realize what you had just said. Before you could try and backtrack what you said, Henry grasped your hand in his. “Sounds perfect,” Henry said as he squeezed your hand. Unable to speak, you nodded as you looked in the opposite direction of his voice.

Henry helped you with your things and out of the building. “Oh wow! It’s starting to snow,” Henry said excitedly as you stepped out into the cold winter air. “Is it? I miss seeing snow,” you answer back with a small smile. You could feel the small frozen flakes kissing your cheeks as they landed. You closed your eyes while you stood in the cold winter air. ‘The air is cold, and the snow on my cheeks makes me feel even colder... but for some reason holding Henry’s hand makes me feel so warm.’

“[Y/N]?” Henry asked breaking up your thoughts and startling you slightly. “Are you ready to head home? If we stay out much longer we could catch colds,” Henry stated. You hummed a happy response and let Henry lead the way. The walk was quiet except for the sound of snow beneath your shoes. Unable to handle how quiet your surroundings were you started to speak but Henry beat you to the punch. “So listen [Y/N]... umm... I know I asked you this but would you be willing to go out on a proper date with me,” Henry stuttered his question, “I know we spend a lot of time together at school already but I want to take you out somewhere and...”

“A date would be nice.”

Henry stopped moving forward and also stopped you from walking. “R-really!?” He asked excitedly. “Yeah, it would be nice to go on a date with you,” you answer back with a large smile. Henry scooped you up into a tight hug and spun you around multiple times all the while he laughed loudly. You couldn’t help but laugh along with him and feeling the happiest you had ever felt in your life. Henry sat you back down on the ground and kissed your forehead quickly. His nose was cold against your head but his lips were warm. You closed your eyes at the feelings of his hands on your cheeks and lips against your forehead. “I don’t know why but I was scared you were going to say no to me taking you out on a date,” Henry confessed as he rest his forehead against yours.

“Well that’s silly.”

“I know. But I was nervous to ask you.”

You laughed at his comment. “So when will this date take place?”

“How about tomorrow?”


“I would say tonight because I don’t want to leave you but… it’s already so late. Tomorrow is Saturday and we won’t have school. Will tomorrow work for you? I could come and get you.”

“Yeah tomorrow works. But don’t people usually plan these things? Do you need time to think about it?”

“I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. So I already have lots of ideas.”

Your laughter echoed through the quiet night as you squeezed onto Henry’s coat arms. “You’re funny Henry.” Henry laughed along with you, “What?”

“Nothing. Come on. We don’t want to catch colds before tomorrow.”

You held onto Henry’s hand and waited for him to start leading the way to your home again. Henry squeezed his hand in yours but made no move to start walking again. You stared at him as you watch the crimson color you loved so much dance around him. “What,” you asked through a small laugh, “Is something wrong?” “Nothing’s wrong. Come on. I’ll take you home,” he answer back and started to walk again. You noticed as you walked that Henry’s steps were slow and small. You laughed to yourself at the idea of him trying to stall. ‘I’ll be going on my first date tomorrow,’ you thought as you walked through the quiet night. ‘I wonder what we will do. Will we go out and eat something? Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep tonight so I don’t look terrible tomorrow morning.’

“And as much as I don’t want to be, we are here,” Henry said followed by a heavy sigh. You laughed at his actions as you shyly covered your mouth. “You’re being silly Henry. We will see each other tomorrow,” You said back as you squeezed his hand in yours. Henry placed his hand behind your head causing your breath to stop for only a moment. You could feel him leaning into you. You closed your eyes in anticipation for what was next. The sound of someone clearing their throat behind you lead you to believe Mari was watching. You pushed Henry back quickly as you felt embarrassment take over. “Young miss it would be best to get you inside before you catch a cold,” Mari said as she stepped closer to you. “O-okay Mari. Um.. bye Henry,” you said as you felt Mari pull you close to her. You stared at Henry to get one final look of his color. “Goodnight [Y/N], I’ll pick you up tomorrow around 1,” Henry said. You smiled and nodded to him then turned to follow Mari into the house.

Mari closed the door behind you as you walked into the house. “We should get you into a bath,” Mari said as she helped remove your coat and shoes. You took her advice and let the warm water of a bath melt away the winter frost that froze your bones. Thoughts of your date tomorrow with Henry danced through your head turning you into a giddy school girl. You splashed water everywhere while you squealed at remembering the way Henry’s lips felt against you. “My heart is racing so much,” You said as you let out a breath and feeling your heart race in your chest, “I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy.” You slid down until you were completely encased in water and stayed there only a moment. “Young Miss, I believe you have spent enough time in the bath,” Mari called. You pulled yourself up from the water and gasped for air. Mari came into the bathroom to help you out of the tub, dry off and get dressed. All the while she continued to complain about how much water you splashed everywhere. You ignored her comments and smiled at the the idea that every second that passes you are that much closer to your date with Henry.“I’m going to bed Mari,” you said excitedly as she towel dried your hair. “You’re not going to paint tonight,” she asked confused. You shook your head no in response, “Nope, I want to go to bed.”

“Alright well let me get your hair dry and we will get you there.”

You sat impatiently as Mari dried your hair. Once she finished she helped you to your room and into your bed. You snuggled up in your bed and squeezed your eyes shut trying to force the sleep to take over.

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