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they are sooo cute together ❤
Glad I'm not the only one who think this pairing makes more sense than what they went with. I get why they didnt but still, Naruto and Sasuke gone for 3 years and those two spent hardly any of that time at all together? :\
idk, a lot of people argue about dedication to loving someone or something like that.... but honestly, could anybody truly blame her if she did decide to fall for a love someone else. In this case I would think it would, in fact, be Kakashi, for several reasons. 1. he's actually there. 2. he's protected and saved her countless times, while Sasuke usually didn't gaf. 3. he's down right sexy, there's no denying that, that's just how his character is portrayed. 4. It makes for a really good pairing. a doctor and teacher. Both considered Sensei. i can keep going.