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Waddup peeps!!!!! Kim's back to bring you another chapter of Love is not Over!!!!! Since most of you all want more, I decided to be nice and give you chapter 7!!! Now this is all in Jay's pov so I hope that won't confuse you.

A/N: There is some language and some sexual content. Viewers discrestion is advise!!!!!!

Jay's P.OV.

Jay looked at the door that you walked out of just a few seconds ago. All he could do was hang his head down in shame. He knew that he fucked up and it was killing him inside. What he wanted to do was reach out to you and pull you into a strong embrace and never let go. He wanted to apologize to what happened on that night. Who knew that one simple mistake could cause him the love of his life.

It has been weeks since you was able to write something. You hated having writer's block and this one was the worst. No matter what you did, nothing was coming to mind. Nothing was inspiring you, until your manager's niece came. The two of you hit it off right off the bat and then the creative juices began to flow again.

You love how you were able to knock out songs after songs. In the process, you started to think less and less of your girl and began to get closer to her. Then it happened. It was supposed to be for only one night. A simple mistake, that would lead to another and another. You knew you had some build up frustration for some time and you were only using her simply for pleasure. You was supposed to end it a month before Y/N came out to see you. You knew that your best friend couldn't hold water and it was only a matter of time before he spilt the beans.

You thought that you could stop, but she had other plans. She threatened to  oust the two of you to everyone, including your girlfriend. You begged her not to do it. You promised to keep it going in order to keep her quiet. The next couple of days were hell for you. You desperately need Y/N, but the sake of your reputation was at stake. This whole secrecy was driving you mad and you had enough. You went to your manager and let loose on what was going on and the threat that was made. Your manager wasn't too pleased to find out that you was sleeping with his niece behind his back.

You thought that the nightmare had ended, but little did you know that it was only just the tip of the iceberg. The night that Y/N was coming, you decided to go to the studio to play with some beats for some tracks. You were so into the music that you didn't hear the door open. You felt a pair of arms wrapped around you and a pair of lips on your neck. You moaned softly and pulled the mysterious person around to see who it was. You was in shock to find her standing there instead. You knew that you had to get out of there quickly, but she suddenly pushed you against the keyboard and started kissing you.

Despite you trying to get her off, the feeling felt to good and you ended up yielding to her. Your fingers quickly found the zipper to her dress and unzipped it. You slid it off and turned her over. Your fingers pulled down her panties and one finger slid into her folds. She moaned out loud and told you to go deeper. You stuck another finger in and her hips buckled. You didn't want her to cum just yet, so you pulled your fingers out and before she was able to say anything you rammed yourself inside her. You continusly thrusted inside her, going harder and harder with each thrust. You then flipped her facing towards you and made your way to the couch. You can feel that she was approaching her release quickly and you can feel yours too. You incidentally moaned out her name as you continued to pound inside. It wasn't until you heard something fall to the floor only to see Y/N standing at the door with tears in her eyes.
The amount of pain you caused her that night was more than you could bear. No matter how hard he tried to win you back, you wasn't having it. When Y/N walked out your life, a piece of you went with her. You went into a deep depression afterwards until you pulled yourself out for your group sake. The group went on to become very famous, selling out arenas and venues all over the world. You were happy with the success that came but you didn't feel whole. After one performance, you realized that you needed to get Y/N back. You announced to the group that you wanted to try a solo career. The members supported your decision and here you were, sitting in an office discussing what you wanted. You didn't know that Y/N would be working there until you saw her in the conference room. You saw that her eyes went to shocked, to suprised, and to anger, and to calm within five seconds flat. You hoped that she would listen to you and you can win her back so that you can be whole again.

So what do you all think???????

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@MarrickeJ33 jay is stressing me out omg he really needs to stop
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Wow! I can't get over the reason he started cheating
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@QueenPandaBunny I never said he was! Like who the fuck says some shit like that
so that's what happened. that's still no excuse thou so pour the new pot of tea on him. 😡😡
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No your right on that.
Jay morherfucking park. He threw five years away he's gonna have to do a hell of a lot more to win her back
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hell yeah. he lucky I love him though I'm the dumbass that would take him back
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