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CNBLUE's Yonghwa showed a 180 degree transformation from the boy-next-door VJ we've seen him as in previous still cuts to a charismatic chaebol for 'The Future Choice'! Yonghwa proved that a suit can instantly change one's image and gave off the vibe of a confident businessman - quite a contrast from previous still cuts of him in casual outfits that made him seem like an approachable, cute VJ. As mentioned before, Yonghwa will play the role of Park Sae Ju, who joins YBS broadcast station as its rookie VJ, but is actually the grandson of the station's CEO. A representative commented, "Yonghwa was able to perfectly portray two different characters of Park Se Ju. Please look forward to Yonghwa's acting transformation." Check out this idol-actor's double life in 'The Future Choice' when it premieres on October 14!