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that moment when u see lee mon hoo and jung yonghwa are so handsome in there new series u fill like they intend to kill you by their charms :D and i am really happy that both of them are making new dramas i missed them alot acuatlly i missed kom hyun joong alot and i wished that he would make a new drama this year :D but any way he will be doing it next year so i will try to wait
*dead* :*
@saharjalpari9 hahahahaha i loved him as jihoo too alsooo :D all what u say is what i think and i fel it too now :D
@hebamaher lol Oppa was my first love i love loved him as jihu sunbae sooo much and then when i got 2 knw bt his actual personality i went crazy over him lol lmh Oppa is lmh Oppa he is still my favorite Oppa and my inspiration but khj Oppa he is the love of my life he is the only one and completely my one and only NAMJA Oppa Kim hyun joong jangg and daebak i love u Oppa saranghaeo Oppa ♥♥♥:-*:-)
@saharjalpari9 hahahahha i noticed that tooo acuatlly i used to love lee min hoo opaa but after i watched his showes and play full kiss kim hyun joong oppaa was no one for meee :D:D
@hebamaher i knw he completely does naa just look at what we r doing dis card was suppose 2 be bt lmh Oppa and yongiee Oppa but we r only talking bt him lol he is really the bestt he really does make us go crazy 4 him he is just the best Oppa Kim hyun joong kiyakaakaa of my life love u shooo much ♥♥♥:-)
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