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Part: Chapter 14
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Warning: Strong language.
Info: Yoongi x Arlene x Jimin

Yoongi's P.O.V:

After a well needed shower, i headed down the hall of the dorms to our work rooms. Sure, it was late, but i needed to write. Not on my bed, or even around anyone. I needed to be alone for a few hours and just... do what i always did.

I smoothed a hand over my face, sitting down in front of my computer. I laid my fingers instinctively on the small keyboard that sat in front of it, and played with a few notes.

"Aish what a mess," I scrunched up my nose, looking through all the opened files of my jotted down lyrics and notes. A few file folders in my computer were sat in a corner. They were filled with nothing but un-finished beats and strings. I could mentally see the memory bar on my computer going down and down, telling my i was running out of space.

I quickly saved all open and un-saved files of work, then closed them to leave my screen clean. Some of the beats i were working on were good enough to put with Arlene's song, which i was going to turn into a four man song.

I organized certain parts, labling who would sing what. Strings of repetitive beats played on my computer, engraving themselves into my brain. I hummed happily, half of the beat complete which basically meant i was done. I was a bit shocked. The beats i pulled up were over three months old. They never fit with anything I or Namjoon wrote, so i left them there. I guess it was just waiting for the right lyrics.

Leaning back in my chair, i felt a small smile find it's way to my lips. I read over the lyrics, nodding over at my choice of who would sing what. My eyes couldn't help but be attracted to the chorus. It was laced with such deep emotions, and the only thing i couldn't bring myself to edit or re-write. I ripped out a paper from one of my books, and copied the chorus down. I found it easier to see if i wanted to change something by copying it multiple times.


Jin: Inhale... Exhale
V: Hold me... Please
Jin: Inhale... Exhale
V: Trust me... Please

Jungkook: It's hard for me to breathe.
Are you sure you're not drowning me?
I can't feel my lungs
but i know they're there.
Jimin: It's hard for me to see.
Are you sure you aren't covering my eyes?
My future seems dim
but i know that it's bright.

Jin: Inhale... Exhale
V: Hold me... Live for me
Jin: Inhale... Exhale
V: Trust me... Live for you

I couldn't tell what the song was about, but i would definitely ask Arlene about it later. I nodded, knowing that there was nothing i wanted to change about it. My phone buzzed with a notification from my personal instagram. Looking at the time, i realized it'd only been about two hours since i came into my work room.

I yawned softly, staring blankly at my computer screen. I felt a longing for Jimin, and a longing for Arlene. It was a weird feeling. To feel so strongly for two people, longing their presence every waking moment of the day. I was happy knowing Jimin would be around all the time, there to hug me, hold me, hold my hand sweetly, smile lovingly at me... but Arlene wouldn't. She'd have to go home and would only be able to see us a few hours. Even though she'd have to work with us more than a usual employee, we'd still be too busy to make much time for that. Promotions, shows, fan meetings, concerts... all these things made this relationship between the three of us seem impossible.

But, she's okay with it. She thinks it's fair. I suddenly remembered when she told me that she had no friends. Just mutuals from the dance studio she went too, and her photography gigs. She probably woke up alone, and went home alone. She probably never got a text from anyone besides Jiminie and her parents... my brows knitted together in worry. I didn't want her to feel so alone anymore. I wanted her to be happy, and if she felt like she could have that with us, even though she couldn't always see us, then i'd at least try. For both her and Jiminie.

"What are you thinking about?" I heard Jiminie ask from the door, i turned around to look at him, but saw Arlene there too. I smiled at them both.

"Believe it or not, the both of you." Jimin and Arlene looked at each other and wiggled their brows. I laughed, watching them interact with each other.

"Yah!" Arlene, shouted at jiminie, getting into a weird fighting stance. He did the same. "Rock paper scisors for who gets to sit on his lap-"

"Bring it!" Jimin challenged. I rolled my eyes, turning around to clean my computer table off.

"Kaiiii, baiiiii... Bo!"

"Oh come on!" Jimine groaned. Arlene giggled. "One more time!"

"Ha! In your dreams!-"

"Noona," Jiminie whined.

"Yah! You're older than me!"

"I know," Jimin replied seductively. I turned around in my chair just in time for Arlene to throw herself onto my lap. I grunted, my body aching a bit from the sudden weight with no warning.

"Jesus," I groaned, wrapping my arms around her waist. She giggled cutely, swinging her feet. Jiminie sat down on the small couch and stuck his tongue out at her.

"What are you guys doing here anyways?" I asked. Arlene absentmindedly played with my fingers, humming to herself. Jiminie just curled up tiredly on the couch.

"Well," Jimin started. "We were making out, but then we both stopped and were like 'why did we stop?' But then we both said at the same time 'Yoongi.' So we're here because we missed you."

Arlene hummed in agreement. "It's kind of weird how we both just knew."

I laughed a bit, resting my chin on top of her shoulder. I could feel her body shiver against my as my breath tickled her neck. "I can understand Arlene missing me, but Jiminie? Can you honestly not go two hours without me?"

"Of course not. That was a pretty dumb question hyung." Jimin shook his head, yawning once again before pulling the hood of his sweater over his head. "I'm sleepy... Noona come give me hugs so i can sl-"

"Stop calling me that! I'm not your Noona!" She laughed, half serious.

"Don't bother," I sighed, pushing her pony-tail to drape over her other shoulder sweetly. "He's got a kink for people older than him, so just pretend."

"Ah, so you mean the kink that Jungkook-ah exposes at fanmeetings?" She joked. I laughed a bit and Jiminie giggled.

"We've warned him about that, but he doesn't care. Even if he see's a baby at a fanmeeting he'll call her Noona. He really hates when people are older than him, i don't know why."

"Because he's a baby." Jimin joked, hiding his face in his small hands.

"Jiminie you're just as much of a baby as him. Anyways, i gotta get going. Bang-PD-nim send me your schedule for the month so that i'd know when it's okay and not okay for me to be here. You guys have a photoshoot for a magazine tomorrow and the day after, so i can't be here." She spoke, jumping off my lap.

She leaned forward, pecking my lips sweetly. I wanted so badly to pull her back and keep her lips glued to mine, but i knew if i did, then i wouldn't let her leave. Then, i wouldn't get sleep and i'd be a mess tomorrow, so i let it be quick.

She walked over to Jimin to kiss him goodbye as well, but he kept his hands over his face. She sighed, looking over to me for help. I nodded for her to keep trying, because i wasn't going to get him out of his baby state.

"Jiminie," she whined, shaking him. He shook his head. "Noona's sorry... You're not as much of a baby as Jungkook."

He peaked from behind his fingers, and i could see his eyes scrunching up slowly into half moons. He was smiling like an idiot. He moved his hands and kissed her sweetly and quickly.

"You're an even bigger baby than him," She laughed teasingly before walking to the door. "Goodnight Oppa. Nighty night Jiminie."

"Go! Hurry go! I'm mad at you!" He huffed before curling up into a ball.

"Goodnight Arlene-yah."