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Guys, critic meee
So I made this and I want to hear opinions? I mean, if you guys are into that, like you don't have to. I don't want to be assertive, crap.
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I really like the Line Art of the Mermaid i wish the stone & the water or place she is on was outlined as well to make it more out there (so that it doesn't look like the Sly and Water are connected as much) other than that... I really love this馃挋
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@MissStrawberry You're Welcome!
10 months ago
its cute. i like it alot
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I love the art style
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I like the style you went with. Keep practicing on your hands, they are always a pain and the fins around her waist and on her tail could use a little more detail. Other than that, good linework and body proportions. Keep at it.
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do gooder
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I'll take that into account. 馃槀
10 months ago