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Alright, so I was watching BTS hwayangyeonhwa epilogue on stage late last night on youtube (cause I broke and cant afford the dvd, but soon i will buy it) and during house of cards their voices were so beautiful and calming that i fell asleep... And guess what! I ended up at the concert!!. BTS performed all their hit songs, and even did Bs&t, so I guess I fast forward myself to wings tour 2017 concert instead being at hwayangyeonhwa concert. After the concert I went to their merch booth and saw wings: you never walk alone albums. OMG I was dying, i really wanted to buy them but they were $68 each. Like asjsdhdkfkkd!!! thats freaken expensive for each album. sadly I didnt get them . So i walked out the door and bam woke up and its morning. found my phone dead. and Literally stared at the ceiling, processing what i just dreamt.. omg if only that was real. .

Well thats my story. hopefully some of yalls enjoyed it, not the best story teller. To those who read this, Thank you! i just wanted to share my dreams with my fellow armys!
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that sounds like the best dream ever lol. i had a dream i hung out with rap monster. we listened to music and talked XD