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My favorite would be Naruto Uzumaki. He would be my favorite because he worked for it and not only that but he also worked to surpass the rest of the hokages. The other hokages didn't really plan on becoming hokage it just happened because of there caring hearts and powerful shinobi skills. Naruto though he worked to become the hokage. He gave it his all every mission and trained to become more skilled, as well as surpass the rest of the hokages. And slowly but surely his goals were accomplished and he was recognized by all shinobi. He completed more in his life before his hokage days then most Kages he made the impossible possible and was recognized, it was certain and Naruto knew he would become hokage after the 4th shinobi war. Creating peace in between the great nations, changing peoples lives, and surpassing the other hokages, etc. just accomplishing so much that it made all Kages jobs easier and made shinobi feel free for the first time.