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Heechul Instagram/Weibo update
I will fulfill you in China(.) I used a translator for thisㅋㅋ is the meaning correct? the words that I wroteㅋㅋ I heard from Eunhyuk-ee why it is 'Lee DongHaek'. After hearing it, Eunhyuk and I smiled, and concluded it as "Let's just leave it as a secret we cannot say". Everyone, just keep guessing.. Caption) Heechul: Ya, why is Lee Donghae called 'Lee Donghaek'? Is it 'Lee DongHaek' because you want to throw a nuclear weapon(haek) punch at him when you see his face? Member Best Friend (Eunhyuk): kkk I will tell you later k Heechul: You ----ing haughty bastard Okay, fine :O :O
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