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The sciatic nerve runs from our lower backs to hips and down till lower legs. It is the longest nerve in human body. The condition known as sciatica pain is caused due to injury or pressure on the sciatic nerve. One of the major causes of sciatica pain is herniated disc in your lower back. The disc expands and causes muscles to pressurize the sciatica nerve causing pain and discomfort in your lower back. Several other reasons are also cited for a sciatic nerve condition such as arthritis and problematic facet joints in lower back area.

Sciatica pain is generally diagnosed in people from 30-50 yr. age group, as the chances of spinal wear and tear increase with one’s age. However, external injuries or other body conditions can lead to sciatica pain in other age groups as well and it is not uncommon to find this problem in younger age groups.

Sciatica pain often starts from the lower back area, extending downwards towards back of the thighs, legs and calf. The pain can be varying in intensity depending upon the pressure on your sciatic nerve. Symptoms include;

- Pain in lower body parts while sitting
- Inflammation down your leg
- Numbness in the legs
- Constant pain in calves (often on one side)
- Painful bouts when rising from a sitting position

Diagnosis is usually done by a physiotherapist, and sometimes may require several tests to pinpoint the cause of sciatica dysfunction. My Therapist Group offers physio for sciatica in Frankston. Our aim is to aid society in moving towards a physically fit and productive future. Our policy is to limit the number of patients accepted per session to provide focused treatment and rehabilitation from injuries and trauma.

The My Therapist Group Sciatica Pain Treatment involves four stages of healing process:

- The first step we take is to reduce the intensity and frequency of sciatica pain in your body. Several massage sessions and light physical exercises are involved to ease muscle tension around the affected area and initiate the healing process.
- The second stage begins with muscle building techniques to stabilize the tissue structure of your lower back and abdomen. Physiotherapy techniques are used to balance your posture for effective healing.
- In the penultimate step, we work on restoring complete motor functions to your back and lower body joints.
- Finally, we begin to focus on long term healing to minimize the possibility of recurrence.

My Therapist Group is open for consultations from Monday to Saturday and sometimes we also take special sessions on Sundays. Our treatments are totally side effect free since we employ time tested physiotherapy techniques within a safe and guided environment. And what’s more, if you are not satisfied by the treatment from our physio for sciatica in Frankston, we have a money back guarantee included in the clause.
If your personal and professional life has been held hostage by Sciatica pain or any other type of body pain and physical trauma, contact us today for a quick and natural recovery.
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