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Hello Royal Family! Its Melissa with Boys Republic special theme for this month. In honor of the month for love, the Royal Squad will be doing something special. Can you imagine a date with a member of Boys Republic? No? Well, we will help you out. We will be featuring different member every week. The first member is OneJunn. Can you imagine a date with OneJunn? I can imagine a cosy date with OneJunn since he is do busy being leader of the group. A dinner and a movie date night would be romantic and relaxing.
You get a call from OneJunn. He asks if you want to go on a date since he has a free night. He wants to spend his free time with you.
Of course you want to go! You so excited about finally spending some time with OneJunn. But you were worry about him being tired, so you suggest that he comes over your place for dinner and movie. After you both agree on a time, you start getting your place ready for a romantic date night.
You took special efforts to look extra special for OneJunn. You are feeling good about the results.
OneJunn calls to say he's on his way over.
You rearranged your living room for a perfect movie night.
You are serving pizza, chips, candies and popcorn with soda.
For dessert, chocolate pudding with fresh raspberries.
OneJunn finally arrives at your place. He was totally surprised and touch by the effort you put in their date night. You both got comfortable. You both start watching the movie and eating the food. OneJunn looks so relaxed while holding your hand and watching the movie. It was a perfect date night.

Well this is what I imagine a date with OneJunn would be like. I had fun with this. You can also join in the fun with your own Imagine a date with OneJunn card. We will be looking forward to seeing what you can imagine.

I am so doing this!
@sukkyongwanser Awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing it!
So cute I love this date idea 💕
@HeichousRegalia Its going to fun and it fits with month of love ❤