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When Jak fell asleep on his shoulder, he leaned down and kissed the top of her head. Taking his phone out, he snapped a picture of the two of them and texted it to his brothers. “A good day, a better night. I think I’m in trouble guys.”
Jak woke up the next morning spooned up against Jiyong in his bed. The last thing she remembered was watching FMA in the living room, how did she get in here? She didn’t care, she hadn’t slept so well in a long time. She was warm, comfortable, and felt ... safe and loved. She must have moved as the arms around her tightened and a face burrowed itself in her neck.
A natural reflex had her squealing and moving to get away.
“What the hell?” came the drowsy response next to her, “What is it?”
She turned in his arms and was face to face with concerned eyes.
“Sorry. My neck, I can’t stand it to be touched, or breathed on, or just ... it tickles. I didn’t mean to wake you, it was a reflex.”
A sleepy smile formed and a wicked look formed in his eyes. “Really? We’ll have to work on that.”
Her eyes grew large and she screams again as he dives for her neck, attacking it with kisses and teeth scrapings. After a minute he raises his head and kisses her soundly to take her mind off it, then attacks her again. After about 5 minutes of blessed torturing, he stops and rolls away.

Sitting on the edge of the bed he runs his hand through his hair. “Damn you’re dangerous. I’ll be back.”
She watchs him get up and head into the bathroom. She gets up and wanders down the hall to the guest bathroom smiling like an idiot.
He found her in the kitchen, her hair pulled back in sloppy bun, making toast and looking for something to drink in his fridge. He stood there and just enjoyed the sight, then zeroed in on the red marks all over her neck.
“When is your next shoot?” he asks casually.
She turns around with a Mountain Dew in her hand, “Day after tomorrow why? Can I have this?”
“I bought it for you.”
At her raised eyebrow he laughs, “A man can dream and I’m very good at making mine come true.”
“Truth,” she turns as her toast pops up. “What about my photo shoot?” she asks her mouth full of dry toast.
“Dry toast? Ugh, that can’t be appetizing.”
She shrugs, “I couldn’t find anything to put on it and your bread was frozen or I would have just had a piece of bread. Quit changing the subject.”
He moves forward and points at her neck. “I tried not to leave marks but forgot about my scruff. You have beard burn.”
She smiles, “So I noticed. My make-up artist is going to start banning me from you.”
“Won’t happen, I’ll pay them extra.” He pulls her close and takes a bite of her toast. “Ugh, nasty. Let’s order some breakfast in.”
“I normally don’t eat breakfast…” she starts but stops as he looks over at her with a type of scold.
“You will eat. You’re mine to take care of now, unless you’ve changed your mind in the last 12 hrs?”
She stands on tiptoe and kisses him, then snuggles into his embrace. “Never. You’ll have to get tired of me before I ever do you.”
“What's my name in your phone again? and I'm glad to hear it cause I already told all the guys.”
She looks up, “This is hurting my neck.”
He laughs and lifts her onto the counter. “Better?”
Ignoring that she gets back to the subject, “What did you tell the guys and when? Haven’t we been asleep?”
He pulls up his text and shows her the picture he sent last night of the two of them. He points out the comments that came back.
“You’re official now? Go hyung go! Congrats”
“May this one last a long time, you’re a beautiful couple.”
“She’s gonna kill you man but congrats.”
“Jealous, can we find me a permanent woman now?”
Jak laughs, “I’m glad they like me. So I did fall asleep on the couch, just how did I end up in your bed?”
“I carried you. You weigh nothing you know that?”
“Ahh, makes sense.”
He laughs, “That’s it? Makes sense?”
“What do you want me to say? Or did you want me to blush? I don’t emotion well, you should probably know that up front. I don’t ‘oooh and ahhh’ or gush like other girls. I woke up confused but happy and content with where I was. You carried me there, that explains it.”

He takes the dry toast out of her hand and throws it away.
“HEY! What have I said about my food? Do you not learn?”
He pulls a menu out and hands it to her, “Find something you’ll eat.”
As she sits on the counter swinging her legs, deciding on food; Jiyong’s phone rings.
“It’s YG, can’t not answer.” He kisses her nose as he walks out the room to talk shop.
I have been waiting and checking for the next one all weekend, and you put it out when I'm at the gym! Lmaooo
Awwwww that was sweet!
Sad it took me a day to find, but I'm back home, back to life and back to rooting for these adorable kids. They are so sweet together. But now I'm anxious about the call from YG.