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Hello Royal Family! Its Melissa with a big community announcement. We will be joined by GOT7, BlackPink and SF9 Communities for a event for Valentine's. We are going to host a Valentine's themed One Shot Fan Fiction Contest. Yay!!
Here are the rules and Guidelines for the Contest
It will start on
February 1st thru 14th by midnight that day.
Winners will be announced on February 16th

You can enter as many times you want.

Be sure your entry is a one shot

Your one shot has to Valentine theme, which could be love or angst. However you view Valentine.

Rating can vary among communities, so if you are entering different Community, please be cautious of that.

For Boys Republic, our rating is PG, PG-13 but smut is allowed with warning triggers. You have to a warning for mature content for the readers.

Be sure to tag the Moderators of Boys Republic, GOT7, BlackPink and SF9

BGBS Moderators tag list
Now for prizes because it isn't a contest without Prizes.

General prizes
Winner's one shot will be featured in community's page

A card will be dedicated to the winner
Winner will have a choice of
Bias Wallpapers
Bias spam

Additional to these prizes, Boys Republic will add to the choices with
Bias slideshow video
Bias planner and journal desk set ( which consists of pens and pencils with the planner and journal)

We will also add a surprise for the Winner.

The more you enter the more a chance you win.
There are four Communities, so you will have four chances to win.

Good Luck to all the entries! We are looking forward to seeing all your one shots.

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Haven't been on Vingle for a while. So I see that I've missed a lot. I'll see what I can do for this challenge/contest. For me I'd enjoy the chance just to creatively write for fun! Thanks for this oportunity!
@SerenaArthurs Will it be ok to be added to Boys Republic tag list?
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@SerenaArthurs ok I'll be sure to do that. 😊
@HeichousRegalia Yup! 😆
@sukkyongwanser Yes! its going to be fun 😆
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