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Hello!! Here is what a Date with Onejunnie would be like in my eyes!!
Onejunn is a gentleman in my eyes!! I think he would want to start off the day by taking you to breakfast before the date begins! He wants to make sure you are full and won't get hungry!
After you all eat, you all will head to the moutains to go hiking. You have been bugging him for weeks about going to see this waterfall. He finally agrees and you all can go. Onejunn would be the type to carry you on his back when you were getting tired from all the walking. He would also pack you all plenty of water and snacks! He also has in mind to be first to tell you he loves you when you all make it to the waterfall.

That is what a date with Onejunn looks like to me!! I hope you enjoyed!!

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that would a perfect date ❤