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Let’s Talk about Twice! Alright so I’m going to Introduce to you all a little bit about Twice. I’ll go through each girl in their own card but to begin let’s talk about how the Debut and came together!

Debut: Twice is apart of the JYP Entertainment family and was one of their projects. These girls were on the survival show “Sixteen” where they competed to get a spot in the group. Fun fact Tzuyu and Momo were the one that got brought back after to be apart of the group Twice. Tzuyu was a fan favorite and Momo was JYP’s favorite lol. The other seven girls were winners in the show.

Their first mini album is called ‘The Story Begins’ in October 2015 with the song “Like OOH-AHH” The music video ended up being very popular, within 5 months it reached 50 millions views. Twice won ‘Best New Female Artist’ and “Artist of The Year Award” at the 2015 Mnet Asian Music awards. In April of 2016 Twice Released their 2nd Mini Album “Page Two” with the song ‘Cheery up’ and that hit 10 millions views with 5 Days!

Than a few months later they in October 2016 Twice Released their 3rd Mini Album “TwiceCoaster” Lane 1 with the song ‘TT’ and ‘Jelly Jelly’ and in December they had a christmas special edition with this Album.

So there we go! How Twice began and the mini albums they have put out over the past couple years!!!
Stay tuned over the week to see introductions to each girl, they are all pretty nifty!