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Hello everyone! hope everyone is in good health...Well guys,Valentine's Day is approaching, and I am joining BoysRepublic, and BlackPink Community for another event.. we also have another guess community SF9 joinning us for this Valentine's Fanfic Event..This will be Awsone..I cant wait..I mean Valentines Day is like one Of our favorite Days isn't? yeah!!! and we get to do something similar remember our confession letter event?? well this will be Valentine's Day!! you can write a fanfic showing all your LOVE for your BIAS!!!
Ok so as usual here are the RULES
*Valentine's Theme
*Must be one shot
*If you want to write Smut please Warned the readers..we have underage babies in the community.
* You may participate in all the communities involved if you would like too.
*For BlackPink it must be related to one of the members. just in case you want to participate in BlackPink Community. Must warned reader too if Smut.
The Contest will be from February 1st through February 14th.. 12 midnight it does not matter time zone don't worry about that.. we will announce the winner on the 16th. So get start and get your Valentine's mood on..I cant wait to read all these Valentine's Theme stories.. With all our BoYs!!!♡♡♡.

The Prize

We will pick one winner and 1) his/her story will be featured in the community. 2) A fanfic story dedicated to her/ his Bias. 3) Spalms and collages with Bias. and more..
Everyone.!! I encourage you to participate so we can have an Awsome Valentine's week.. full of Love stories or however you perceive love..lets shower it here in the Community to the boys..♡♡♡. I will create an Valentine's Day fanfic event Collection so all of us can find your stories faster.. I am anticipating already..So EXCITED!!
Please check out @MelissaGarza card as well for Guidelines on this event.. here⤵

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love your announcement card! I'm super excited about this 😆
Yay!!!! I'm so excited!!! And all the pictures/gifs that you used in this card are adorable!!!! cX
omg that first gif though hahahahahha
@MelissaGarza thanks..Me too..
@CrookedShadow 😆🤗thanks glad you like it..
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