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Light snow fell from the black sky above, the streetlights caught the little snowflakes as they made their decent down to the warm ground that was getting colder with every small touch of snow. Pulling your arms through your coat sleeves, sticking your hands in your pockets, you wanted to be a little warm before you headed out of the doors and into the falling snow.

The streets were becoming slush as you kept your eyes on the sidewalk ahead. Snowflakes stuck to your hair and piled on your shoulders and arms as you walked home, the bitter wind whipped around as you moved your mouth into the top of your coat so that you could breathe in warm hair.

After an hour or so, you arrived at your place that you shared with your husband, Dongwoo. Stopping just in front of your building you peered up to see the third window from the left lit, signaling you that Dongwoo was already home. With a small smile on your face you made your way up to your apartment.

Punching in the code, the door unlocked as you pushed it open, the once snowflakes were water droplets on your hair and shoulders as the chiming of the door cued Dongwoo that you were home. Quickly prancing to the entry he put up his hands so that you couldn’t see what he had planned for you.

“Welcome home, jagiya.” He said as you were turned towards the door.

“Hello, my Woo-ssi.” You smiled as he helped you with your wet coat. Hanging it up, he cornered you against the door. “W-What are you doing?”

“I need you to close your eyes for me.” Dongwoo said as he smiled at you. Thinking that it was an odd request from him, you did as he asked and closed your eyes. His warm hand gently rested over your eyes to make sure as he stood behind you and guided you around his surprise to the bedroom. Closing the door behind him, he removed his hand from your eyes and kissed your cheek.

“You can open your eyes now.” He whispered as you opened your eyes just to find him before wrapping your arms around his torso. Looking down at you, he smiled as his arms wrapped around you.

“I’m cold.” You muttered as Dongwoo smiled as he knew how you loved to cuddle with him when you were cold.

“Go take a nice shower and you will feel better.” He kissed your head as he released his arms from you. “I’ll even choose your outfit after you finish if you want.” You nodded furiously as you always loved it when he did that.

“Please Woo-ssi~” You begged as he smiled and let out an airy giggle as he nodded his head.
Shuffling to the shower, you left the door open so that he could put your clothes on the counter when he found the right outfit.

After a few minutes of looking through your clothes, Dongwoo placed one of his large tank tops and some dinosaur shorts on the counter as he hurried and left to make the final touch ups. Quickly changing into a black tank top, he put over a black fish netted long sleeved shirt over it and got into some skinny jeans as he styled his hair to your favorite style before lighting all of the candles.

Hearing the water shut off, he turned off the lights as he turned on some soft music just for this occasion. You found the clothes on the counter as you smiled as how he knew you all too well.
Combing your wet hair, you dried it before putting it into a high ponytail. The soft scent of food and burning wax made your brow knit together as you opened the bedroom door. Walking down the hall you saw Dongwoo standing there with his hands in his pockets, the soft light danced across his figure, highlighting all of his veins that pushed against his skin and the muscles that you could see in the dim light.

“Dongwoo, what is all of this for?” You asked as you walked towards him, his bright smile came into view as he just smiled.

“For my love, Happy Valentine’s Day.” Dongwoo said as you reached the end of the hallway.

Looking around the room slowly, you wanted to take in the beautiful atmosphere that he created. Rose petals scattered along the floor and table as a dozen roses stood in a beautiful vase. Candles scattered the room, some big some small, yet the filled the room to a dim light.
Soft music played to make it seem like it was a dream, the snowflakes cascaded down the building as it looked so magical, so perfect. Turning around slowly, you looked at Dongwoo, he had a large, proud smile on his face as he kept his eyes on you.

“Y-You did all of this for me?” You asked as you pointed at yourself. He let out a crooked smile as he nodded, stepping closer and closer to you, he took your hands in his as his thumb gently moved over the back of your hand slowly as his brown eyes looked down at his hands.

“I wanted to do something as perfect as you. I don’t get the chance to do this very often so I wanted to make it memorable.” Dongwoo said in hushed tones as he smiled at you as the soft light made the tears on the edge of your eyes twinkle. Wrapping your arms around him slowly, you rested your head on his chest as the tears fell from your eyes. His hands rested against your back as he looked down at you.

“I don’t deserve you” You whimpered out as he rested his head on yours with a big smile knowing that he outdid himself.

“I don’t deserve you.” He said with a smile as his hands gently moved up and down your back.
“I’m so glad that you married me though, ______.”

“I’m glad I married you too.” You said with a broken voice as he held you closer to him. “You’re too perfect.”

“You made me perfect.” Dongwoo said quietly as his hand gently cupped your face at the base of your neck as his other hand sat on the small of your back. Raising your head to meet his eyes with yours, your hands carefully gripped his shirt as you rose on your toes. His head gently tilted to yours as he bent down and pressed his lips softly on yours. 

The kiss was slow and sweet knitted with and undying love for one another as he held you closer to him. He moved his lips gently over yours as you followed his lead, your lips danced together as his hand moved to your hair, carefully pulling it out of its ponytail, your hair fell over your shoulders as his fingers slowly made their way through your silky hair. His lips on yours still made your heart race and your cheeks blush as you held onto him tighter, trying to show how much you love him through the kiss. Time passed before Dongwoo let his lips gently break from yours, softly kissing your lips a few more times, he let his forehead rest against yours as he closed his eyes taking in the beautiful moment, wanting to burn it into his memory
forever. Your eyes moved over his perfect features as you couldn’t help but smile, fluttering your eyes closed, you released your tight grip from his shirt as your hands gently rubbed against his back.

The soft music moved Dongwoo slowly, swaying from side to side he pet your hair as he guided your head to his chest. Listening to his heartbeat, you let the beautiful night drift away as he slowly danced with you in his arms. Hearing his heart race as he kissed your head to then constantly keep beating for you. Smiling against his chest, you couldn’t help but fall in love with him more, as he fell more in love with you.

Nothing could have been more perfect, until he pushed your hair behind your ear and whispered against your ear, “I love you.”
awe the perfect valentines !
mhmmm one of the many ways it could be perfect