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Lounging around backstage, the variety show that you were invited to attend was about to start soon and everyone was getting fitted for their headsets. Looking around at the other artists that were waiting around with you, you counted off five. Biting down on your lip you hoped that there wouldn’t be any games so you would be forced to be the awkward third wheel or even worse a helper to the MC’s.

Sighing softly, you let your lip go from your teeth hoping that you didn’t mess up your lip gloss, glancing in a nearby mirror, you smeared the lip gloss around a little so no one would know the difference.

“All of the idols on stage please” The director called, nodding the other contestants happily hooped and hollered while you followed them out onto the stage.

The live audience tried to hold their applause while you carefully sat in the back and folded your legs over one another. Looking down at your outfit, you played with the heart pendant that hung down from a nice chain encircling your neck. The dark navy blue scoop neck long sleeve and some white shorts, you pulled the long sleeves over your hands while playing with
the seams.

Once everyone was seated and the final calls were made, you played with your sleeves more and more thinking that you were going to wear holes through the thin fabric. With one mention of your name, you were quickly snapped back into the program.

“3… 2…1…” The director pointed to the MC’s as they were all happy and smiling when their theme song came on

“Hello! Welcome to Unexpected Events! I am your host AJ and my helper Daesoon!” AJ announced happily

“We are very pleased to have such a wonderful turn out today, as well as so many Idols’ on this weeks’ show!” Daesoon happily announced while everyone clapped.

Everyone was quickly introduced and you waved to the camera while your name was being read.

“So today we have some fun activities for everyone” AJ started

“But first, we have to add another idol to the mix since we only have five Idols” Daesoon happily pointed out, feeling the blush on your cheeks and butterflies being released in your stomach, you folded your arms over your legs to try and hide your nerves. 

Spinning your thumb ring around your finger, turning around to you, they smiled.

“Aren’t you good friends with the group Infinite, _______?” Daesoon questioned

“I am, we have a lot of fun when we are together” You smiled and nodded your head

“I heard that Jang Dongwoo has a crush on you” AJ pointed out and you knew that your cheeks flushed a bright red.

“Oh really? He hasn’t told me so” You sat up straighter in shock as your words turned into quiet mumbles that the microphone wouldn’t pick up.

“Since you didn’t know, we have a special treat for you” AJ started once more

“Dongwoo is going to be your partner for this week’s episode” Daesoon happily broke the surprise to you. Unable to do anything else beside nod your head, the crowd warmly welcomed
Jang Dongwoo from backstage as he bowed to the crowd and took the empty seat next to you.

“So we are going to get started right after the break! Don’t go away!” Daesoon happily remarked into the camera as the set managers brought out the activity that you all were going to do.

“Hey _______” Dongwoo caught your attention from your nerves as you looked over at him and nodded.

“Hey” You replied. He watched your expression for a while before he placed his calm hand on your fidgeting ones. With his thumb gently moving over your small fingers, you moved your eyes up to his.

“Whatever they say, let’s just have fun together, okay?” Dongwoo showed you his angelic smile as they called over all of the idols onto another set for water balloon toss. Sliding from his seat, he slid his hand from yours while the other idols started making their way over to the far side of the set.

Reaching out your hand, you grabbed his arm, stopping in his tracks he looked over his shoulder at you with large confused eyes.

“C-Can I ask you something?” You stuttered, letting your hand slip from his wrist gently.

“Anything” He let a smile slid onto a part of his lips, giving you a crooked smile.

“D-Do y-y-you like me?” You whispered quietly while your eyes dropped fearing that it was just a silly rumor. Your hand dropped totally away from his and fell to your side, he smiled and rested his hand on your shoulder.

“I’ll tell you after” He whispered catching your eyes with his

“What?” You looked up at him a little bewildered at his response.

“If I tell you now then you won’t go have fun, you will be someone that will impress people” He tells you honestly, “I will tell you after the show”

Patting your shoulder, he lifted his hand from your shoulder and slipped it into his pocket, nodding your head you knew that his words were true as you walked side by side all the way over to the part of the stage.

“Welcome back!” Daesoon announced happily while Dongwoo felt all of the water balloons and choose the best one for you and him.

“We are just about ready to start the water balloon toss, who ever can make it the furthest and not have their water balloon burst is the winner” Daesoon laid out the rules quickly while the contestant pairs got one balloon, nodding their head in agreement AJ blew a whistle and
Dongwoo lobbed the balloon over to you, catching it in your hands, you both stepped back and you tossed it to him, leaning over he caught it but just barely.

“A little harder throw” Dongwoo smiled, nodding your head you took his constructive criticism into consideration as he tossed the balloon back to you, taking another step back, you lobbed it back over to him, with a smile on his face he nodded his head at your better throw.  Both of you became more confident as more and more space grew between you, with the contestants getting out by the minute, it was only you and Dongwoo then another guy pairing left.

Throwing the balloon into the air, Dongwoo watched the balloon as he captured it and caught it in his arms, tossing it back over to you, he hoped that the game would end soon. The balloon came to you, but your hands didn’t cushion the impact, water splashed all over you and you jumped back in shock.

“Looks like we have our winner!” Daesoon smiled and held up the hands of the other pair, pulling at the fabric of your shirt, Dongwoo gently rested a hand between your shoulder blades.

“Are you okay? I didn’t know that it would have popped” He confessed softly

“I’m fine, these things happen and it isn’t your fault” He smiled as the two of you walked over to where all of the other idols were standing around

“Alright, our next challenge for our three legged race!” AJ happily walked out with bandanas that you were to wrap around the conjoined leg. “Get with your partner and we will tie you together so there will be no loose knots and cheating”

Standing close to Dongwoo, your hips touched his as he arm wrapped around your waist to make sure that you two were close enough for them to tie the knots.

“So we are going to step with out inside leg first then our outside leg, it helps if you hold onto me and I hold onto you too” Dongwoo told you while they tied the knots tightly around you.
Nodding your head, you hesitantly wrapped your arm around him while you mind wondered what his feelings for you were. With his arm resting on your hip, it just felt so comfortable yet it made your heart race.

With everyone lined up behind the line and on one side of the studio, you had to make it to the other side and back with the quickest time.

“On our mark, get set…. GO!” Daesoon and AJ both called, putting out your tied leg first, you followed Dongwoo’s lead, both of you seemed to be behind but slow and steady started to pull ahead. Walking to the other side, he turned around you with your help and heading back the two of you won the race with ease.

“Dongwoo and _______ have won!” AJ called loudly, Dongwoo wrapped his arms around you tightly and bounced with you as you happily hugged him back.

“Now we have to have a tie breaker between the two pairs that won” Daesoon announced.
Letting the hug break, and both of your legs now free, all of you looked at the MC’s in confusion.

“You have to say something nice to each other like a compliment” Daesoon happily announced

“Whoever makes their partner smile first wins” AJ added with a smile, the crowed awed and all eyes seemed to glare at you, feeling your heart beat speed up, you dropped your eyes, but a gentle pull at your long sleeves drew your attention back up to your partner.

“You have very beautiful eyes, they shine brighter than the brightest star and they are warmer than the sun” Dongwoo genuinely complimented, while your eyes slightly widened and twinkled under the stage lights.

“Thank you, Dongwoo, that was really beautiful” You smiled and blushed under his kind gaze.

“I meant every word” He smiled gently at you, his own eye sparkling, yet everything around you seemed to fade, it just seemed like you and him together and alone at that moment.

Confetti started to fall between the two of you as the crowd’s cheers pulled you out of your trans. Looking towards the camera’s you started waving and you just discovered that the two of you had won, but it didn’t seem to matter.

Once the credits rolled and everyone started to clean up after the games, all of the idols were ushered backstage, changing out of your wet clothes from the water balloon bursting on you, a black t shirt hugged your figure while you pulled out your jeans from your backpack and slipped them on. Coming out of the dressing area, you adjusted the bag on your shoulder, lifting your eyes you saw Dongwoo sitting on the couch by the door.

“Dongwoo?” You questioned seeing him draw figures on the suede couch, his head bobbed up and looked at you.

“Ah… ________… I wanted to catch you before you left.” Dongwoo stood up from the couch and stood in front of you. “About that question that you asked me earlier… I really don’t want to lie to you or hurt you in any way, so I will tell you the truth and just hope that you are okay with it.”

His confession took you as a little bit of shock, but bracing yourself for the worst, you nodded and dropped your eyes for a moment before you lifted them back up to him.

“I like you, what they said was true, I just think you are beautiful and perfect in every way.” He tells you gently, moving a little bit closer to you.

Taking in a deep breath, you smiled at the information and dropped your head, biting your lip a little.

“Thank you Dongwoo, for what you did today and for everything” You looked up at him and rose on your tip toes and kissed his cheek gently, pulling away you took a step back, creating more space between the two of you, blush burned on your cheeks while your hands ringed each other dry.

Dongwoo lifted his hand to the coorisponding cheek and smiled as his fingers touched where you kissed him.

“Would you like to get some things sweet with me… well something sweet besides you” He chuckled a little, looking back up at him, he held out his hand for you, nodding you placed your hand in his and the two of you spend the rest of the night becoming closer and more comfortable with each other, making both of you feel like you were on cloud nine.
hahaha so cute!!!! i wanna go on this game show