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For the new year holiday, I spent three days traveling to the southern tip of the Korean peninsula to visit a few islands I've been dying to see.

First Stop: Tongyeong Island

I had to take a long bus ride from Seoul until I finally reached the Tongyeong Bus Terminal. It is located, obviously, on Tongyeong Island which is home to plenty of gorgeous sites.

I only had time to visit one place, and that was the Dongpirang Art Village. I enjoyed the street art, grabbed a drink at a local cafe, and enjoyed the view.

Then, I headed to another island, Geoje, where I would spend the rest of my vacation.

Second Stop: Geoje

This was a PACKED day, and I started of before sunrise.
I went to Windy Hill, a famous little cliff with a charming windmill and a gorgeous view of the sea.
Then, I hopped on a ferry to the island of Oedo, which you might recognize from My Love from Another Star :) It was absolutely stunning and the weather couldnt have been better!

Then I grabbed some traditional Korean seafood right by the water, hit a famous beach, and headed home to rest.

After all that, I grabbed a bus back to Seoul (it took over 5 hours!) the next day :)

funk1lock8 @caricakes. Nice break but where were the people?:-)
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funk1lock8 @caricakes I see,only it makes the place look devoid of people which is a bit odd.:-)
you make me want to go back to South Korea, right now, so badly!!!!
great experience...enjoy life!