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Genre: Angst Pairing: Reader x Jackson Length: 1258 Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol Summary: He was my everything, but I was just his game. Part 4/?
Y/N Pov: They had just finished up and you had called Chanyeol on his cell to have him tell the guys they could come back in. It rang about three times and then went to voicemail, he declined it? He’s never done that, even when he has to go to the bathroom you’d both stay on the phone then you sent a quick message. Jackson Pov: “Excuse me?” Jackson said in almost an amused tone. “We shouldn’t be doing this here anyway, I won’t tell her for many reasons, one she just got out a fucking horrible relationship. She shouldn't be focused on this, she should be focused on her health, and-” Chanyeol stopped as his phone started to ring. Jackson looked over to see who it was, and , demand he decline it. “Do. Not. Answer.” Jackson said in a stern voice and Chanyeol complied. “You're right. We'll catch this guy and keep her safe together, and have her choose when the time is right, deal?” Jackson said holding out his hand. “Deal.” Chanyeol said taking his hand “Now let's go, she's done with testing.” Jackson nodded and they made their way back to to the room. Y/n Pov: While the guys sat down in the room Chanyeol and Jackson came in. Chanyeol went to go talk to the nurse and Jackson was headed straight for you. “Hey” he said grabbing your hand, “how are you feeling?” “Better, I can really feel the headache coming on though.” “The nurse said she's able to go home” Chanyeol said as the nurse left the room. “Manager says you get a week off or until you get better.” Jin said with Lilly on his arm. You knew they'd end up together, but there were two people missing. “Hey, where's Jimin and Mackenzie?” You asked noticing they weren't there. “Mackenzie had to get stitches of her arm, he slammed her into the wall and it was pretty bad. And Jimin is comforting her.” Yoongi said handing you a cup of water with a straw. “I can't believe this all really happened, I don't wanna believe it.” You said sitting up. While Jackson grabbed your hand. “Y/n, when you passed out…” he paused, did I do something that I didn't remember? “Well he jumped off the balcony and got away.” My heart dropped. HE WHAT? “He's still out there?!” You screamed. “What if he still wants to hurt me, what if he finds me, what if-” you were having a full blown panic attack. You feel like you're dying and if he's still out there, he might actually kill you! “Hey! Calm down, we won't let that happen, ok?” Jackson said holding your shoulders trying to calm you down. “You’re gonna be staying in Exo’s dorm for a while.” J-Hope said trailing off. “You need to be switched around so he can't find you, so after a week you'll be staying in our dorm.” He finished. “Then you'll be staying in my dorm, and after another week you'll be back in Exo’s dorm.” Jackson said cupping your face. “Once they catch him we'll be able to go home.” Lilly said hugging Jin, ok there are so together, you miss a lot when you're unconscious. “Wait we? You guys aren't able to go home?” I knew why I couldn't go home, but why couldn't they “Is he after you guys too?” You asked worried. “The officer said that he'll do anything to get to you, so we'll need to protect Lilly and Mackenzie too.” Jungkook said said while holding the door open for Namjoon and Yoongi to leave. “There going to get your stuff and put it in Chanyeol's car.” My stuff? They already packed my stuff, I really hope Kookie was the one to pick out my clothes. The other guys left and I was in the room alone with Jackson he ended up in the bed with me and as we went through Facebook together. Laughing at all the stupid things people had posted. You had closed the curtain and got dressed, Jackson just on the other side just incase you felt dizzy. “You ready to go?” Chanyeol said handing you your baby blanket. He knew you needed that thing whenever sleeping somewhere that wasn't your house. “Yeah, does the rest of Exo know I'm gonna be staying with you guys?” You asked, yeah you needed to be hidden but you didn't want to be a burden. “Yeah they already ordered pizza for us when we get back. They were really worried about you.” Chanyeol said opening the car door for you to get in, it was sweet that guys cared, kinda sad that this is how you'd have to notice it. You walked in and everything was dark, you turned on the light switch and was almost given a heart attack. “Surprise! Welcome back Y/N!” The guys were there with get well soon balloons, all your favorite food and drinks and a lot of stuffed animals. “Awww guys thank you!” You said and huddle up with everyone for a group hug. The guys were so sweet you were having so much fun, watching your favorite movies, listening to your favorite songs. They really knew how to make you feel better. After a while you were tired and went to Chanyeol's room, you always slept in there when you stood the night, because even though you were close with the guys, you never told them about your baby blanket, of course he laughed at first but now he thinks it's really cute. You laid there, but you were still so sore, and your body ached uncontrollably. Chanyeol had gotten in the bed and you tried not to move so much so you wouldn't wake him up, but you started to cry. The pain killers have definitely worn off. “Ugh!” You hissed in pain, and then quickly shut up, as Chanyeol moved to face you. “Omg!” He said sitting up in bed. “Are you ok, why are you crying?” He said pulling you into his arms. As he was doing this you couldn't help but cry and hiss in pain. “Here let's go get you some aspirin, and something to drink.” He said picking you up carrying you to the kitchen. You sat there with him boiling you some water for hot chocolate. Then rapping you in a blanket. “Sorry, I should have took one before going to bed.” You said feeling guilty for waking him up. After all he's been up longer considering he was at the hospital all night with you. “Hey it's fine, I like taking care of you, and there's no way I'd have you trying to walk, you looked as if you were gonna pass out.” He said handing you the coco. “Do you think they'll ever find him?” You said stirring you cup, setting the mood sadder than normal. “Y/n, I don't know, but even if they don't, you have a lot of people ready to protect you, I mean you have all of Bts, definitely all of Exo, and Got7.He'll have a lot trouble trying to hurt you.” Chanyeol said moving in closer to hug you. “And we’ll always be there for you.” You had fallen asleep and he carried you to bed, him still not letting of you even while you slept.
This is getting way to good.
awwww jinnie oppa got a gf~ so cuteeee but damn i hope they find him soon and chop his balls off! i mean *cough cough* put him in jail as for chimchim awwww another couple~ im taehyung gf!! dont steal him away from me~! *goes and clings on to tae* its ok your mine anyways *nose bleeds at what taehyungs says*
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