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Hi all! I want to apologies first for not posting all that often with fan fics, still trying to get the new layout figured out. I finally have figured out little ways to get around copy/paste things (cuz that how I do lol (and what I had issues with))
Okay story now! Its a kind of a filler to get things rolling once more lol.

Layla view:

I couldn't believe that he actually kissed me like that. I was sitting on my couch with Mia telling her about my day at the amusement park. It was Sunday night and we were talking over a bottle of wine.
"It sounds like you had a fun time with Tae" Mia sighed. "Oh I want a guy like that"
I slanted my eyes at her.
"You know you could have a guy like that" I stated making her laugh.
"If I had the time for a boyfriend that is. Lay I'm so bombarded with working at the cafe, with teaching hip hop and going to school. I get nights like this what once a week?" She laughed.
"True true, you are a busy bee. Your still going to school for sound effects?" I asked making her growl
"Sound effects? Really? No I'm going to school for graphic design. You are so far off" Mia said.
"Graphic design that's it. Well you took a class that was about sound effects at one time" I said.
"I did, your right about that" she sighed.
"You only have a little bit left of school don't you?" I asked.
"Hmm. About one more year to go" Mia said.
"So why don't you live a little. By the time you get done you'll be entering into a company and won't want to do anything. Come on party while you can" I nudged her.
"Again I don't have time. I work so much and then in my spare time I hit the gym and do the hip hop classes. That's fun for me" Mia laughed.
"Yea, but wouldn't you want a boyfriend? Or someone to do things with" I asked. Mia just nodded and shrugged.
"I do things with you" mia said. I laughed at that.
"True true, but you don't go to concerts with me, you don't go clubbing with me, you don't go out drinking or or when was the last time we did a road trip?" I listed things off.

Wow, I just realized I was a bad influence if I only thought of those off the top of my head.

"Think we went on a trip to Busan when we graduated high school, that was the last trip I went on" Mia said after a moment of thinking.
"Okay how about this, you get a weekend off  sometime so we can go somewhere? Doesn't have to be far away, oh maybe to a beach or hiking? You like hiking and its an activity you like" I snapped my fingers as I thought.
"Hiking? That sounds like fun, and it can replace going to the gym" Mia thought about it.
"Oo girls weekend, I can ask Keri if she wants to come! You like her right?" I asked.
"I do. She was fun when we did rock climbing" Mia nodded.
"Yey" I clapped as my phone rang.
It was like Keri knew we were talking about her, because she was calling me. I answered.
"Hey care bear! Question do you like hiking? Do you want to go hiking with me and Mia next weekend?" I asked.
"Uhm what? Hiking?" She sounded confused.
"Yes, you know finding a trail and doing some bonding time?" I asked.
"That sounds like fun" she said "sure" she said.
"Sweet! Sooo why were you calling?" I asked.
"Yes! You'll never believe it! Yoongi proposed to me!" Keri exclaimed.

That had me sitting up straight. Yoongi was going to get married? Nooo. No I was happy for Keri and Yoongi but but his fans would be so sad to see him not single and available for them.

"That's amazing! Congratulations!" I said excitedly.
"Thanks. I mean its not going to be any time soon, but he made a promise to me-" keri went on to explain the proposal.

 I put her on speaker so Mia could hear and talk to her as well. Finally I just told her to come over, but she said no, she was at home with Yoongi. He was calling to check on the guys so she called me. My devious mind came up with something.

"Hey hey, why don't you invite Yoongi to come hiking with us" I suggested.
"What, oh yea, I'll ask him, hold on" keri said.
"What are you doing?" Mia hissed at me.
"Nothing. The more the merrier!" I smiled.
"Evil woman" mia hissed at me.
"Layla, yoongi said he would go, but he asked if some of the guys could come so he isn't the only male" keri said.

Yes! That was what I was hoping for!

"Cool, let him" I nodded.
"Noooo" mia hissed
 "Mia? Do you not want them too? I can tell him no" keri said sounding concerned
 "No its fine, mia is just saying that" I covered up.
Mia glared at me but I shrugged it off.
"Okay oh I have to go, but I'll see you two tomorrow at lunch" Keri said. She hung up then I set my phone on the table.
"I hate you" mia pouted.
"You love me!" I said throwing my arms around her and hugging her. "Now you will request off and you don't have school Saturday or Sunday, so pick one so we can go hiking" I told her.
"Its cold outside" she pointed out but I shrugged.
"The weather is breaking, it should be fine" I brushed that off.


The next day I met up with Keri, who happened to have yoongi trailing behind her. I couldn't help but laughm they were just so cute together
"Hey Layla. Sorry I had the boys trailing me from the studio" keri said sheepishly.

Boys? I only saw Yoongi.

"I'll be right back" yoongi said patting Keri on the head. Yoongi went to the counter at the cafe.
"Yoongi and Tae came to get stuff for the group of them" keri explained.
"Tae is here too?" I questioned.
"Yes, there he is" she pointed to the door where he walked in.
 Tae searched until his eyes landed on me then he started heading over.
He stopped at the table and gave a goofy smile.
"Hi how are you, Layla" he said making me smile.
"Hi. I'm good, are you with yoongi getting stuff for the guys?" I asked.
"Yes, he needed a spare hand" he said.
"Nice of you to do" I said.
"Hey so Tae, your coming hiking with us right?" Keri asked looking over at him.
"Yoongi mentioned something like that. Namjoon and Jimin are wanting to tag along too" tae said.
That wasn't really who I had in mind of coming though.
"What about kooki? Will he come to?" I asked. Tae frowned, well pouted.
"You want him to come along?' He asked disappointed.
"What about kooki coming?' Yoongi asked as he joined in on the conversation.

I stared at him bewildered that he set his head on top of Keri's and wrapped his arms around her neck lazily and Keri allowed him to do it. In fact she patted his hand and asked if he was sleepy.

"You asked kooki to come right?" I asked shaking my head.
"Yea, that girl he likes is coming so he should too" yoongi nodded.
Tae all of a sudden pulled me up out of my seat and hugged me to him.
"Not that girl, the other one" yoongi sighed.
"Mine mine mine" Tae repeated as he held on to me. I giggled at his declaration.
"Mia, yes she's coming. I think they would be such a cute couple" Keri said.
"As long as its not Layla your trying to put him with" tae said.
He was sounding kind of possessive at the moment.
"Its okay tastie, I'm dating you" I told him. After a moment he nodded and grinned.
"Yes you are" he said.
"Can we pair them up then?" Yoongi asked.

I couldn't help but realize, yoongi was a real romantic, and tae was really possessive. I don't know why but that kind of made me happy that Tae was.

"I'm thinking Layla and Tae could go off on their own when we go, Mia and Kooki together, and since Namjoon and Jimin want to go they can be together" keri said
"Might as well have Jin and Hobi come too then throw them over the cliff, I mean cook for us, I mean join us on the trail" yoongi kept amending his words.

My eyes widened in surprise at what he started with.

"Jin wouldn't get him food the other day after he finished off the rest of the ramen" Tae explained.
"He better cook for me today" yoongi said.
"Wow" I exclaimed even as Keri laughed at her boyfriend.
"Orders up Min yoongi" the girl called.
"That's us" yoongi sighed and let go off keri.

Tae let go of me and followed yoongi to the counter, they each grabbed a bag and carrier. Yoongi and tae came back and said bye to us then left.

"That was interesting" I said sitting down.
"Meh normal" keri shrugged.

 Fam tag! For everything!

Oh my god...I'm dying of laughter...Yeah Jin and Jhope can come and we'll throw them off the cliff...I mean have them cook for us...I mean...hahah I died and the coughing attack hit me hard...I can't wait for the hiking trip
I started laughing too...then realized it was after 2 am and I'll wake up husband.
I don't know what going on with Vingle but every time I try to open up Coffee Break part 59 and 60, the app crashes and I don't know if it's because of the update or not and it's really rustling my Jimins 😡😡😡
oh no. that's not good. hmm I wonder what's happening. I think its cuz the update I wonder if I try updating the card and changing something if that will help
Mine mine mine! Omg so frickin cute! lol
Idk what's going on but the story just cuts off. I don't see the rest of the story