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Come Join Us in the CNBlue Community. We want to learn more about what you love about CNBlue and learn more about each one of us by participating along with us in the 30 Day CNBlue Challenge...

Today is Day 1- What song got you into CNBlue

answer: I was watching You're Beautiful with Jung Yong Hwa and fell in love with his voice and his look. I really needed to learn more about him. The song that made me want to learn more was the OST I'm a fool.

This OST led me to CN Blue but the first song I heard from them as a band was: Love
Well I look forward to learning more about everyone. Tag me and the moderators in your cards

Code Name: Loners
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@CrookedShadow (Moderator)

The Outcasts
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I will be participating.
Yay!! I love those songs!!! And I love Love!!! ....Well that works I guess cX
Oh a challenge! This would be my first CNBLUE challenge. I'm going to try my best to participate in it.
Yay!! Please do join in on the contest!!!! :D