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Hello everyone!!

God, I really need to stay on top of these cards...But I also blame Vingle for being super crappy these past couple of days!! Can we all agree?

Anyway, since no one posted last week, this week we'll be posting our favorite songs by Boyfriend. I've listened to all of Boyfriend's songs and have started to put them on my iPod so I'm still getting more into being a Best Friend.

I consider myself a Best Friend, but hopefully I'll be able to name every Boyfriend song just from hearing like the first five seconds. Goals!!

Annnnd moving on!!

My favorite MV by Boyfriend has got to be "Witch"!!!!

I love Witch with a passion!! No, it wasn't my first ever MV by Boyfriend, but the moment I watched it I was in love!! Witch was one of my first ever Kpop MV with a dark concept that I had watched, and I was immediatly hooked on Boyfriend after watching it. Just the whole idea of "Witch" is so unique and different and how they twist up the story of Red Riding Hood....God I love it so much!!

And the dancing!! Wow....Daebak....I love the dancing so much that I've even been learning the choreography to the song, and happily, I'm almost done learning ^-^ Sadly though, I don't have those cool red curtains that they use that make the dance ten times cooler!! And also just the scene and how they turn into werewolves and just....everything!!!! I love this MV with a passion!!!!

And the song itself is so fun and catchy!! And everytime I hear it on my iPod I just start jamming out to it and singing along! I also find it funny how intimate the lyrics get and I'm always shocked when I read the English translation cause I'm like, "Heeeeeyyyy this is not even close to Boyfriend!! Wha!!!!?!? That's what they're saying?? Nooooooo~ They would never!! They're just adorable little cinammon buns that are innocent cx"

Anyway....I love this song and MV!! And if you haven't watched it yet then watch it!!!!! It's sooooooo good!!!!! I'm dying after I rewatch it....Oh! And Minwoo!! He's so badass in this MV!! His rap!! God damn!!!! And his dancing is just on fire!!!! To me, Minwoo is so adorable but in this MV he really puts out his badboy persona that he always wants, so yay!! And is it just me or do you guys hear him say "Loose cabbage" and "chicken" at some point in his rap? No....Just me? Alright then cX

My favorite Boyfriend Song is "Mystery"

Soooo this is actually my favorite Boyfriend song that isn't an MV or a title track. Obviously since I'm so (Obsessed cX) with Witch, but I also have good feelings about this song. Lots of Boyfriends non title track songs threw me off when I first listened to them since they were so different from what I had heard first, but I don't know, I like the beat and feeling of this song.

I can't say too much about this song since I haven't been listening to it for that long (T.T), and I can't say I really relate to the lyrics... (T-T) But I do love this song!! I do love the members' voices in this song, especially Donghyun who you can especially hear in the chorus!! God, so beautiful!! And Minwoo's rap also makes the song even more powerful!!!!

(Oh, and did I mention that I love Donghyun's white hair in "Witch"? It's soooo pretty and he looks so attractive!! Hell, they all look so good in "Witch"!!!! Like, waaaahhhh the feels!!! Sorry about that cX")

Sooo I should probably end this card here since I might end up fangirling even more.

(Even though I fangirled pretty hard throughout this entire card cX)

But I do hope this card encouraged you to check out more of Boyfriend's songs and such since they really do have some interesting MVs and music which I definitely reccomend to all of you. There needs to be more Best Friends in this world!!! T-T

Oh, and I'll also (probably) start posting Minwoo Day on Mondays now since I don't have anything else to post on Monday cX Sooooooo

See you all on Monday~

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Thank you for sharing. I like this song.
Of course, I'm glad you like it ^-^