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Well....There goes my streak.... >.> Thanks Vingle for not letting me post and make my cards!!!! Piece of.....!!!!

Anyway!! Today is the fifth day of the Chanyeol Color Days of the Days!! To be honest, I thought I wouldn't find any pictures of him wearing yellow, but boy was I wrong!!

And just his smile and all the yellow makes my heart happy and I can just feel the corners of my mouth curling!! Gah~! He makes me happy cX He truly is the happy virus of EXO~~~ Happy happy happy!!

To be honest, I needed this happiness today. So thank you for that oppa~!! Now....Embrace the happiness that will fill your very essence!!!!!!!

Gahh!! He's so cute!!! I just want to give him a big hug and never let him go!!!! Oh god, my heart hurts now as I imagine hugging him *-*

Haha this boy makes me so freaking happy!! Wait...I already said that cX Maybe I should just leave now and save my words for the next card..... Yaaaaa...... That might be a good idea cX

I think I'm over fangirling on these as is CX Oh well...It happens.

I'm still mad at Vingle.... I try so hard too to make these cards and then Vingle comes at me all of a sudden with this update!!!!

I just want to post cards and beautiful pictures of Chanyeol...Is that too much to ask for....? *Cries a little bit* Oh well....Maybe tomorrow will be better...? I need to message Vingle with some complains.... >.>

But I shouldn't give them so much crap either. They are working hard enough as is too, and this is suppose to be a happy card! So let's cheer on Vingle as well C:

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