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AOMG Man Crush Monday 

Waddup doe!!!!! Happy Monday!!!!! So who I'm crushin on today?????? (Good question Kim, who are you crushin on today???) Well today, I'm crushin on.............................

Yep, that's right!!!!! All of them!!!!!! Yes, somehow these heathens love to worm their way into my heartue.

AAAYYYYEEE, WHOA!!!! Why you gotta be so aggressive!!!!!??!??!?!?!?!?! You be worming in too, but right now, you in the dog house!!!!! (you know what you did!!!!)

Really Duck!!!! You find this funny?????

The tounge always gotta leave the mouth don't it?!??!?!?!?!!?

You sorry????? Sorry for what???? Destroying my emotions??!??!!?!?!?!?!?!

Oh sweet mother of god!!!!!!! You ain't gotta be that disrespectful!!!!!!!

*Clutches pearls* Somebody come get these two!!!!!!!! JAY DON'T YOU F*CKIN DARE!!!!!

Thanks Simon, for shuthin Jay up!!!!!!! Oh, hello Loco!!!!

Bo$$e$ $quad:

Tagging my Jay Buds:

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get the fudge out of here with the first picture omg holy shit I don't need that right now
This was so not right! It was too hot!
I feel like I received no warning that this waa going to be so damn deadly
......point taken 😂
When do they ever wear warning labels
Wow! all of them?
Yep, all of them
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