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Beginning of the week! Another fun quiz to play! This one I thought was a little different, (maybe just a little lol) With how your career as an Idol would go.

Wow I would be a one hit wonder! lol that sounds about right, I'd work and work and put it all in at the beginning then slowly get tired of it.
sigh. me and my sleep would like to be reunited

So what kind of results did you all get?

You would live out the rest of your days as an idol! There is something special about the musicians that promote for a long time, and we see that potential in you! You are not afraid of hard work or sticking it out during tough times. These qualities will make you a valuable member who is planning on doing their best until the very end!
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same here
@DocLee you and me are the same lmao
I would live the rest of my days as an ideal!!! @exoexo
I would use my idol fame to get into acting
Dang. I hope they randomly picked those pictures. STAY STRONG NU'EST!!!! 😅❤
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