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Que tal mis Blazes !

So after couture the votes you all were tied lol! The ones who were indecisive voted did not reflect in the over all votes. Sorry peeps I asked for you all to pick one option!
Well let's get in this story!
I was super pissed about the whole thing with Namjoon. Yeah call me petty for looking through his phone, but I had a gut feeling about this. The next day after I blew up I spoke to Lidia and found out that was the same reason she and Yoongi broke up. His silence was killing and those hoes kept harassing her and he did nothing about it. She was tired of him saying to just ignore them. Lidia is like me...actions speak louder than words.
It has been 2 weeks since I've seen Namjoon. He's been blowing up my phone. I'm not saying that I don't miss him. I've been wearing his shorts the whole weeks we have been apart. People might call me a bitch but this separation was deeply hurting me.
This week was Hip-hop and R&B weekend at the Local. Some of the girls and I were doing a dance routine to some Nicki M music. Our dance group was called Boss Ladies. The song was called "Stupid hoe." This would be our way of basically calling them hoes out. We have been practicing very hard. As we got on stage I could feel my heart pounding. It sounded like an insane drum. I couldn't see all the guys, but I could feel Namjoon was there. Besides he had to perform 3 performances after us. Stacy, Lidia, Bambi, Jessamine, and I looked super hot in our black fitted tanks shorts that said Boss in bold gold print trimmed in hot pink, our black dance shorts, and pink/gold addidas. When the music hit we just went hard. The energy was hot and we got some music positive feedback.

Once we were finished dancing I changed back into my clothes. It was Namjoon’s black Nike shirt and some ripped fitted jeans. I had to have him with me even when we wasn't. Jimin, Jungkook, Jin, and Tae were doing a R &B joint. The females went wild. They were throwing panties and bras on the stage. Then Hobi, Yoongi, and Namjoon was next. They did their performance and Namjoon winked at me. I blushed instantly.
Shit I need to just let this go. This man still can get me fucking wet with a glance. Before they left the stage Namjoon said a few words.

"We all appreciate the love for real. Thanks for all the support. I love the music and yall, but I also love my baby girl. Stop with all the hoe ass ish and talking ish about my baby. I've been deleting a lot of yall hoes on social media." He pointed at me. "(y/n) baby girl daddy loves you!"

I almost died. Like for real I did die.

"Yeah my bro is right. Yall out here straight up bring disrespectful. That shit ain't cool! Stop coming for our ladies." Yoongi said while winking at Lidia.

"Let it be about the music and the art for real. Leave that negative ish in the garbage." Hobi said.

People cheered and really showed love. The MC was funny though. He directed his attention to us girls in the front. "Look like yall getting that pound cake tonight!"

"Bro I've been straight starving these past weeks! Cake sounds good!" Namjoon blurted.

At the end we all were outside talking about where we were gonna eat. Namjoon was flirting hard with me and I was too. I wanted to make up and put all this shit behind us. He blew a kiss at me. I grabbed him and kissed him hard on his lips and then ran off into the night. Namjoon told everyone we would meet up at Noddles and Company then he took off. He chased me and I laughed as he did. I randomly crossed streets without looking.
"Are you trying to get killed?!" Namjoon yelled as he was stopped by a driving car.

I laughed and he picked up speed then suddenly I didn't see him. I looked around and all I seen was flashing lights. Then it began to rain softly. I was about to walk about to the restaurant. I walked around then suddenly he grabbed me into the alley.

"You have some fucking nerve, but I like it." Namjoon said in a husky tone.

He pulled me into an intense kiss. He wrapped his tongue around mine and pulled down my pants. I managed to unbuttoned his pants while my pants lingered on my left foot. He lifted up and pulled my panties to the side.

"You wearing my shirt? You missed sweet." He whispered into my ear as he hungrily entered me.

I moaned out his name and dug my nails into his back through his wet black shirt. "Yass daddy I missed you. Fuck me fuck me."

Namjoon was the type that loved talking dirty. He began sucking on my neck that was wet with rain drops and sweat. He felt so good I side me. I didn't realize how much I needed him until I found myself yearning for more.

He put me down and pushed me face forward against while crossing my hand behind my back. He entered me from behind and began sucking and bitting on my neck while thumbing my nub. I was in the twilight zone. I could hear cars in the distance and the rain pouring.

"Harder yass daddy." I groaned.
"Baby you kept it tight for me." Namjoon grunted.

The wet sound of our skin slapping drove us both nuts as we both came. I squirted all over the place. We quickly got dressed and rook a cab to the restaurant.

"Damn yall are fucking late." Jin said while stuffing his face.

"Yall are soaked. WTF were yall thinking?" Yoongi said.

I sat down next to Namjoon. I was still coming down from the high. I could still feel myself contracting fr coming so hard. We ordered our food.

"Yall were fucking?" Jungkook blurted out.

Everyone laughed.
"On that note...I blew up in front of everyone so imma apologize in front of the crew. Baby I'm sorry for going through your phone even when you asked me not to."

"No worries baby. I'm sorry for not acting sooner. I should have considered your feelings. I want nothing more than you." Namjoon said while kissing me quickly.

Lidia and Yoongi were holding hands at the table as a signal they were together again.

"Yeah we all learned something." Yoongi said

"So no one answered me. Did yall fuck or naw?" Jungkook blurted out in a confused tone.
"Boy stay in your lane!" Namjoon said.

The night ended in laughter.....





1. Hobi
2. Jungkook
3. Tae
4. Jin
look like Tae won....ah this is gonna be a challenge for me low key lol
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