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Kun Monday!!!!
Hello Darlings! Today my computer has decided to hate me, and so I will be doing several spam cards, as my phone and Vingle are only on sort of speaking terms. For our very dear Kun, I decided I'd share my favorite Kun "ship/bromance" And that is WinKun!! Everyone loves WinWin, including Kun! So please enjoy (part one)!
Get you a person who looks at you like Kun looks at WinWin!
The Ice Cream does look exciting!!
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Awe these guys are suchcuties. This is my fave ship
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They are so cute ❤ They remind me of high school drama characters
10 months ago·Reply
Especially the shots where Kun is wearing the blue sweater. :3
10 months ago
That are so sweet together.
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cute babies💙💖👶
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